ArcLight Cinemas Movie Coupons

Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 6:30 pm

Arclight Cinemas Movie Coupons

If you’re tired of small theatres with uncomfortable seats and rude customers, then you need to give the California-based ArcLight Cinemas a try. The sound and picture quality is amazing, the staff is courteous, and they try their best to make sure idiots don’t spend the whole movie texting their friends. Widely regarded as the best chain of theatres in the state, they more than live up to their slogan of “Where movie lovers belong.“ Their four locations include:

The most famous of the bunch is ArcLight Hollywood, a massive 14-screen multiplex located on Sunset Blvd. in the heart of Hollywood. Stadium seating is available in every theatre, as well as THX for the best possible sound and picture. And you’ll be hard pressed to overlook the massive Cinerama Dome which is located next door and is a part of the ArcLight complex. This complex opened in 2002, and its success has led ArcLight Cinemas to continue to expand.

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ArcLight Cinemas Features

When you attend one of the four ArcLight cinemas in California, here’s a list of what you can look forward to. To see more for yourself, try clicking on this link.

Reserved Seating – When you purchase your tickets (either online, at the box office, or at an automated kiosk), you’ll be able to select your seats then and there. That means no more rushing into the theatre ahead of time to try and get better seats.

Comfortable Seats – The width of seats at ArcLight Cinemas exceeds current megaplex standards by three inches, and taller customers will be happy to note that there are six inches more legroom. The retractable armrests are also extra wide for your comfort, and seats located in front are set back from the screen to keep customers from having to crane their necks.

Sight & Sound Quality – ArcLight Cinemas exceed THX standards to bring you superior picture and sound quality every time.

Quality Films – Besides the expected Hollywood blockbusters, ArcLight Cinemas also mixes in independent films and retrospectives. This provides a wide array of motion pictures that should appeal to almost any moviegoer.

ArcLight Café Bar – Whether you’re looking to enjoy a post-film martini or share some appetizers with friends, the ArcLight Café Bar has you covered. The café balcony of the ArcLight Hollywood is also available to rent for private parties. The following are just some of the items and prices found at the ArcLight Hollywood (which is open daily from 11:30am to 12:00am):

Gift Shop – Whether you’re looking for a t-shirt, movie soundtrack, magazine, or DVD, the ArcLight gift shop carries a wide range of gifts and memorabilia.

21+ Screenings – On Thursday evenings, as well as Friday through Sunday, select screenings of films will be limited to patrons 21 and older. This allows you to avoid crying children, as well as enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage while you watch the movie.

ArcLight Presents – A program offered year round that allows patrons to enjoy Q&A sessions with actors and directors, anniversary films, classic titles, as well as early screenings of upcoming movies.

Art Exhibits – The ArcLight cinemas in Pasadena, Hollywood, and Sherman Oaks display artwork that either relates to cinema or is somehow involved with the community. Costumes and props from your favorite films are also in display.

No Ads – Prior to the start of the film, you won’t have to worry about being bombarded with ads or movie trivia. Right before the trailers begin, an ArcLight employee known as an Usher Greeter will introduce the film and make audience members aware of the theatre’s policies (including turning off cellphones and not texting).

No Late Arrivals – I hate it when people show up to a movie 15 minutes late. So does ArcLight, which is why they prohibit seating five minutes after a movie has started.

Concession Stand – The well-stocked concession stand offers popcorn with real butter (upon request), caramel corn made on-site, all-beef hot dogs, chocolate, premium bottled water, and gourmet chicken sausage on baguettes.

Celebrity Sightings – Movie stars like to watch films, too, which means there’s a chance you might seen one while enjoying the finest cinematic experience in California.

Immaculate Bathrooms – The bathrooms at the ArcLight Cinemas are kept clean 24/7, which is music to the ears of those who cringe at the idea of using public restrooms.

Online Tickets – Movie tickets can be purchased online, and there’s no service charge tacked on. You can then print out your tickets or pick them up at the theatre.

ArcLight Cinemas Movie Coupons

Whether you’re looking for ArcLight Cinemas movie coupons in general or ArcLight Hollywood movie coupons in specific, you’re going to have your work cut out for you. That’s because the whole point of ArcLight cinemas is to provide an upscale experience. By keeping ticket prices at a certain level, they increase the chances of keeping out riffraff who’ll talk and text throughout the entire film.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t save a buck here or there. In fact, the ArcLight official website offers a number of options for frequent patrons. They are:

ArcLight Membership – Assuming you can’t locate any ArcLight Cinemas movie coupons, this is the next best option. Membership is free, and you’re information will never be sold to a third party. Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up:

ArcLight Gift Cards – While a gift card may not be as cool as finding ArcLight Cinemas movie coupons online, it’s free nonetheless. Cards can be used like cash at the gift shop, bar, restaurant, concession stand, or box office, and they’re sold in $5 increments from $10 to $200. Online orders can receive cards via USPS or FedEx. These cards have no expiration date, and they can also be bought at the box office.

So the next time you’re in California and yearning for a superior moviegoing experience, be sure to give ArcLight Cinemas a try. Even if ArcLight Cinemas movie coupons are a rarity, you’ll find the upscale facility well worth the price of admission.

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