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I’ve only tried Fanta on a couple of occasions, but I found it to be a delicious option for anyone wanting a fruity beverage. The rest of the world must agree with me, too, as Fanta comes in 90 flavors and is sold in over 100 nations. And even though I’ve never witnessed anyone drinking Fanta in an American cinema, I expect that international moviegoers are all-too-familiar with the sensation of stepping on a floor that’s sticky and smells of oranges

While residents in Kenya may not have equal access to Fanta coupons as those in the United States, that’s no reason not to write an article on the subject. And since I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a number of foreign countries during my lifetime, I can appreciate the importance of anything that’s enjoyed by people of multiple religions, cultural backgrounds, and ethnic origins.

Fanta Flavors Around the Globe

Everyone loves Fanta, which is why I felt compelled to write about free Fanta coupons in the first place. While I haven’t included all the many countries who carry the beverage, I’ve put together a sample to prove that we’re all Fanta fans underneath the surface.

Fanta free soft drink coupons

Fanta in the United States

While Fanta is all the rage around the globe, it’s still catching on in the United States. Here are the flavors you can consistently purchase in America, although foreign brands may be imported at times and sold in specialty stores (for an inflated price).

Fanta in China

When I wrote this article about 2012 Fanta coupons, China was preparing to celebrate 90 years of communism. What better way to celebrate such success than enjoying a delicious Fanta and facing down a tank?

Fanta in Russia

The following Fanta flavors are available in Russia, comrade.

Fanta in Argentina

Fanta is huge in South America, so don’t be surprised to see the locals clipping Fanta coupons on your next visit to Argentina to hunt for reclusive Nazis.

The Controversial History of Fanta

A popular urban legend claims that the Nazis created Fanta. This isn’t the case, although it was born in Germany in 1941 while the Nazi party reigned supreme. When German-born Max Keith found himself in charge of Coca-Cola’s German operations, he was faced with a dilemma: The nation’s actions had led to numerous embargos, so the raw materials to make Coke weren’t available. But without a product, the plants would be closed and many employees would either be sent to war or to concentration camps.

Keith solved the problem by coming up with a completely new beverage comprised of leftover ingredients readily available in Germany at the time. The name Fanta came about during a brainstorming session, as Keith urged his employees to “fantasie” (German for “use their imagination”). Salesman Joe Knipp quickly blurted out Fanta as a possible name, and Coca-Cola had their first new product since the original formula was released decades earlier.

Fanta Online, Printable Coupons

I didn’t see any Fanta coupons when I visited their official site, but I did find lots of other interesting stuff. For example, you can watch Fanta videos from YouTube, download Fanta wallpaper and screensavers for your computer, and get to known more about the Fanta Crew (the guys and gals who help promote Fanta around the globe).

If their website doesn’t offer online, printable coupons for Fanta, your next best bet is to do a Google search for the term. You’re likely to encounter a lot of junk sites and broken links, and I suggest you make certain you’ve got a reliable anti-virus program before you wade into the deep waters of cyberspace. Still, with a little patience you should be able to find some of the same bargains you’d come across in magazines and newspapers. Just make certain they’re accepted in your country, as Fanta’s base of operations ranges across the planet.

Fanta Coupons in Print

The best place to find free Fanta coupons is your Sunday newspaper. While pulling out all the coupons from the massive Sunday edition would normally be a chore, those interested in saving money on their favorite drink will find it worth their time. And since Fanta is owned by Coca-Cola, you can bet that they’ll be offering plenty of incentives to get you to try their product.

Nutritional Information for Fanta

The following is the nutritional information found on the side of an 8 oz. container of Fanta. Here’s a free tip: If you’re truly interested in losing weight, don’t buy soft drinks in the first place. Then again, plenty of the countries where Fanta is popular don’t have obesity problems like the United States, so maybe cutting down on trips to McDonald’s will be sufficient in maintaining your waistline.

The Fantanas

I like tasty soft drinks, and I most definitely enjoy leering at hot, young women. Luckily, the Fantanas allow me to engage in two of my favorite pastimes.

This group of spokesmodels were first assembled in 2002 to help with Coca-Cola’s marketing of Fanta in the United States. Each girl represented a different flavor of Fanta, and their varied looks were in keeping with Fanta’s global appeal. As they shook their rears and repeatedly sang “Wanna Fanta! Don’t you wanna,” I could barely keep my eyes off the screen.

According to their backstory, these women were living a blissful existence on Fantana Island (no doubt taking advantage of online, printable Fanta coupons) when an entertainment mogul named Juan-Carlos Martinez fell overboard from his yacht and washed up on their shores. Impressed with their beauty and talent, he convinced his saviors to come to New York City and launch their careers in showbiz. This was all made up, of course, but who the hell cares when lovely, exotic women are prancing about and singing cheerily?

And just in case you’re really obsessed with the Fantanas, here’s a list of their groups over the years:

The original group, by the way, can be seen in the pages of Maxim magazine. Do a quick search on Google Images, and you’ll be drooling in no time and feel the sudden urge to gulp down a Fanta.

A Final Word on Fanta

I like to picture men and women of all creeds and colors clipping Fanta coupons and grooving to the product’s upbeat marketing jingle. The world in 2012 is still divided along many lines, so anything that brings us together is worth noting. If you’ve never tried Fanta, head on down to your local supermarket or convenience store and give one a try. And remember…somewhere thousands of miles away, someone else is enjoying Fanta for the first time, too.

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March 8, 2012

Pusser Mumford

I’ve never had a Fanta, but I’d like to try one after reading this. They sound delicious. I googled Fanta to read more. According to the Wikipedia article, Fanta is now being produced on the Moon. You know Wikipedia is never wrong.

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