Storyteller Theatres Movie Coupons

Monday, February 21, 2011 at 7:58 pm

Storyteller Theatres Movie Coupons

Looking for Storyteller Theatres movie coupons? You’ve come to the right place, as this article details where to find online, printable coupons to help you stay within your monthly budget.

Storyteller Theatres was originally known as Trans-Lux Theatres, but they organization underwent a name change after being purchased by Marwit Capital in 2008. Their beginnings stretch all the way back to the early part of the 20th century, as the Trans-Lux company–the oldest company still listed on the American Stock Exchange–was one of the first providers of rear projectors and commercial-sized theatre screens. After partnering with the RKO production company, Trans-Lux got into the movie theatre business, opening their first cinema at the corner of 58th and Madison in New York City.

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They operate eight theatres in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming, focusing on growing areas with a population under 100,000. The following are the current Storyteller locations:

Storyteller Coupons – Online Printable Coupons

It never hurts to save a few bucks, and the following section details several ways for patrons of Storyteller Theatres to do so. Our first entry provides online, printable coupons:

Smart Shop Santa Fe – This site offers an online, printable coupons for Storyteller Theatres. When you buy one medium popcorn, you’ll be able to get a medium soft drink for free. While this coupon will likely expire in the future, there’s a good chance that additional savings will be offered.

If you live in an area near a Storyteller Theatre, it’s also a good idea to check your local newspaper for possible savings. There’s also the Storyteller Theatres Facebook page, which offers information on their latest movies, as well as occasional deals.

Storyteller Theatres Website

But perhaps the best place to find bargains is at the official website for Storyteller Theatres. It loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and offers the following ways to save money:

Online Coupons – When I checked their site the following coupons were available:

In addition, the site also offers the following discounts and special deals:

Free Birthday Admission – On the day of your birthday, just visit any Storyteller Theatre with valid ID and receive free admission to the movie of your choice.

Two For Tuesday – Every Tuesday at Storyteller Theatres, you can get the following for $25: 2 adult admissions, 1 popcorn, and 2 fountain drinks.

Cool To Be Smart – At Storyteller Theatres, good grades add up to great rewards. The following incentives are offered for kids:

Picture Perks Reward Card – Open to all customers 13 and older, this rewards program gives you points each time you spend money at Storyteller Theatres. One point is equal to one dollar spent, and earning enough points allows you to redeem them for the following items:

Value Passes – Buying bulk movie tickets allows you to save 40% off the regular price. Just keep in mind that these tickets cannot be used after 5:00 PM or during the first week of an engagement. The cost for each of these tickets comes to $6 each. A minimum order of $25 is required.

Super Value Passes – Available at the cost of $7.50 each, these corporate tickets have no restrictions and may be used at any time. A minimum order of 25 tickets is required.

Gift Cards – Redeemable at both the box office and concession stand, Storyteller Theatres gift cards are available for purchase in multiple denominations. The minimum purchase price is $20.

So the next time you’re searching for Storyteller Theatres movie coupons, be sure to take advantage of the sites listed above. And if you’re looking for additional bargains, give the following links a try:

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