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Wednesday, December 22, 2010 at 10:46 am

Here’s an interesting press release I received the other day. If you’ve ever wanted to help create a Syfy original movie, here’s your chance. BTW, I’ve included my selections in bold print, and I invite all our readers to hit the comments section and share their own picks.

New York, NY – December 16, 2010 – After more than 20,000 votes for three possible choices, fans have selected a “Roswell” story line for Syfy and’s B Movie Mogul the online development and production site that lets fans weigh in on an upcoming Syfy Saturday Original Movie.

The winning concept will be: Another spaceship crash lands in Roswell, New Mexico, and a dangerous alien creature escapes. Authorities soon realize there is something under the earth in Roswell that has been attracting spacecraft since 1947, and maybe even before. Now they have to uncover that secret while they hunt and kill the creature.

Directing the “Roswell” movie will be Jason Connery, son of the legendary former James Bond star Sean Connery, whose credits include The Devil’s Tomb and the upcoming Syfy Saturday Original Movie 51, premiering in First Quarter 2011. Tim Tori, whose credits include Prowl, Hysteria and the upcoming Dragon Eyes, is attached as the writer. Independent motion picture studio After Dark Films, which created the popular Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For Festival, will produce the movie.

But now the fun really begins! Running through the end of the year at, B Movie Mogul will ask fans to use their imagination and vote on specific plot points of the movie:

1. How does the first character who dies meet his or her grisly demise?
A. Decapitated
B. Swallowed
C. Squashed

2. Before our Comic Relief character becomes a reluctant battler of aliens, what is his or her day job?
A. Socially inept scientist with wild conspiracy theories that link Roswell to the JFK assassination
B. Slacker college student who learned everything he knows about aliens from first-person shooter games
C. Stressed-out waitress who blames a shift in Earth’s vibrational energies for the breakup of her last relationship.

3. The biggest, baddest guy on the sweep team should be named:
A. Marion
B. Tweety
C. Freckles

4. Somewhere in the film, which completely random object is used to get our main characters out of a sticky situation?
A. A glow in the dark yo-yo
B. A Turkey baster
C. A bowling ball with only two holes

5. Who is the token character of wisdom who saves our asses with a crucial piece of info?
A. Sarcastic Preacher with a crossbow
B. Creepy Roswell Museum owner
C. Homeless man who was once abducted

6. Somewhere in the film, a character will say the following line of dialogue:
A. “Let’s go get gooey!”
B. “Bring me the alien’s head. If it has one.”
C. “No wonder they do so much anal probing.”

These six questions will roll out two at a time. The results of all the poll questions will be announced in early 2011.

So now you’ve got the hook up, what are you waiting for? Visit to vote!!!

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January 1, 2011

dude wrangle


January 5, 2011

Chris Durham

I’ve been very disappointed with SYFY over the last few years. While this is a nice gimmick to get people to help in the creative process, it’s probably going to be as crappy as every other SYFY original movie.

I will give SYFY credit for the reimaged Battlestar Galactica (although for whatever reason I’m a complete old school fanatic still).

But why can’t they work on showing old sci-fi and horror shows like they used to back in the old days. I realize that distribution rights might be holding up some shows. But I know that I would watch Six Million Dollar Man or Buck Rogers every chance I got.

I do salute them for their Twilight Zone showings. But what about The Outer Limits, Thriller, The Invaders. And couldn’t they snag some old school Brit series? BBC America isn’t showing them. I’d love to see some U.F.O or Space:1999, not to mention Blake’s 7 or vintage Dr. Who.

January 12, 2011

richard wall

I don’t care to much for the alien attacts type of stuff. I like space search and rescue.Where alien and humans work together to make the universe a safe place. I even have some aliens drawn up and some what of an outline aswell as some spaceships and some equiptment and posible out lines. contact me if your interrest.

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