Netflix New Movie Releases of the Week

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at 10:14 am

It’s time to take a look at the Netflix new movie releases of the week. Netflix has all the latest films on DVD and Blu-ray, and many of these new releases are also available for instant viewing online. A total of 50 movies and television shows are being released by the online rental service this week, but I’ve simplified things for our readers by selecting ten of the best candidates for home viewing.

Be sure and check back again next week, as I’ll have even more recommendations for Netflix new movie releases. And if you’re not currently subscribing to their service, you can remedy the situation by clicking on their giant company logo located on the right side of the screen.

The Dukes – Craggy-faced favorite Robert Davi directs and stars (alongside Chazz Palminteri and Peter Boganovich) in this tale of an again doo-wop group who plan to steal a stash of gold and rise to the top of the charts. Filled with comedy and lots of old-school musical numbers.

Nine – Nominated for several Oscars due to its outstanding musical numbers, Nine stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Guido Contini, a talented Italian director suffering from a midlife crisis. To further complicate matters, Guido must constantly deal with the many women in his life, from his wife (Marion Cotillard) and mistress (Penelope Cruz), to his mother (Sophia Loren) and producer (Judi Dench). Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson and Kate Hudson also get in on the musical hijinx. Helmed by Rob Marshall, the director of Chicago.

Tetro - Written, directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola, this deeply personal dramatic film deals with the reunion of two brothers (Vincent Gallo and Alden Ehrenreich) who meet in Buenos Aires after 10 years apart.

The Lost Coast – During a Halloween celebration in San Francisco, three friends gather to confront a disturbing secret from their past. Starring Ian Scott McGregor, the film is also available for instant viewing on Netflix.

Hamlet - If you’re a fan of Shakespeare, then be sure to catch this adaptation starring David Tennant as Hamlet and Patrick Stewart in his Olivier Award-winning role as Claudius. Adapted from the 2009 production by the Royal Shakespeare Company, the film was shot on location instead of on the stage and features contemporary dress.

Mine – A heartbreaking documentary about the effects that Hurricane Katrina had on both dogs and their owners. In many cases, surviving animals were adopted by new families, and their lives are contrasted with their former owners who must face each day without their beloved pets. If you’re a dog lover, be sure to keep some Kleenex nearby.

Before You Say “I Do” – David Sutcliffe and Jennifer Westfeldt star in this Hallmark Channel original movie now available on DVD. George (Sutcliffe) wants to marry Jane (Westfeldt), but she refuses because her first trip down the aisle was such a disaster. That only leaves George with one option: travel back in time and prevent his true love from getting married the first time. A gentle romantic comedy guaranteed to appeal to the feminine gender.

No Time for Sergeants – This 1958 comedy classic stars Andy Griffith as country boy Will Stockdale, a good-natured draftee into the Air Force. As he deals with constant latrine duty and attempts to get transferred to the infantry, Stockdale inadvertently drives Sgt. Orville King (Myron McCormick) up the wall with his rural mannerisms. Keep your eyes peeled for Don Knotts as a dexterity tester with a few nervous tics. Wholesome hilarity for the whole family.

California Dreamin’ – Fans of foreign film will get a kick out of this sly comedy from the late Romanian director Cristian Nemescu (who did just after filming was completed). Based on a real-life incident, the movie stars Armand Assante and Jamie Elman as Marines escorting a NATO train through Kosovo. When they get stalled in a small village, they’ll have to contend with a colorful cast of locals all hoping to use the situation to their advantage. Don’t let the presence of subtitles prevent you from enjoying this one.

Iron Man: The Complete Animated Series – With Iron Man 2 hitting theaters this week, fans of ‘ol Shellhead may want to catch his animated adventures from 1994 through 1996. See Iron Man takes on the likes of the Mandarin, the Incredible Hulk, and many more. Iron Man is voiced by Robert Hays, who you may remember as the troubled pilot from Airplane!

If this list of Netflix new movie releases of the week seems helpful, you can click on the following links to view past releases from the online rental service:

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May 29, 2010

Elvis Ramirez

Thanks for the great list! Looking forward to my Neflix membership, and I’ll have you to thank.


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