New Netflix Releases

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 12:40 pm

These new Netflix releases just became available on May 11th, 2010. While Netflix has 21 new movies, TV shows and documentaries for subscribers this week, the following 10 are my personal picks as the best options.

The online movie rental service used to make their list of new releases easy to find, but now it’s impossible unless you know the specific link (which isn’t found anywhere on their website). But despite hiding their list of the latest releases, Netflix is still a pretty awesome service. Movies are delivered right to your mailbox, and there are pricing plans available for almost any budget. And many movies are also available for instant viewing, meaning you can watch them right on your computer. How’s that for convenient?

Malice in Wonderland – In this dark retelling of the Alice in Wonderland story, leggy Maggie Grace stars as an American student in London who gets hit by a cab and wakes up with amnesia. She also finds herself in a bizarre setting known as Wonderland, and she must rely on the help of a cabbie named Whitey (Danny Dyer) to safely return home. Too bad this isn’t Taken, or Liam Neeson would storm into Wonderland, shoot the Cheshire Cat in the temple, and rescue his daughter.

Daybreakers – It’s 2019, and most of Earth has been turned into bloodthirsty vampires thanks to a bizarre pandemic. Ethan Hawke stars as Edward Dalton, a vampire hematologist working for a major pharmaceutical company that’s trying to develop a blood substitute for the masses. But things aren’t going well, and much of the population faces starvation and an eventual transformation into bat-like creatures known as subsiders. Enter Elvis (Willem Dafoe): a former vampire who’s been cured of the disease. But when Edward presents the cure to the head of his company (Sam Neill), he’s horrified to learn that his boss has no interest in such things. Cue the rebellion.

North Face – A 2008 German film based on real-life events from 1936, North Face tells the story of two teams of mountain climbers attempting to make the first ascent to the summit of Eiger via the north face. One team is comprised of a pair of German soldiers, while the other is made up of two Austrians who hope the Nazis will incorporate their country into Germany. But the focus of the film is on scaling the treacherous Swiss mountain, not on politics. If you’ve ever seen a film about mountain climbing, you can already guess that the expedition won’t go as smoothly as hoped.

Icons Among Us – Featuring interviews with more than 75 contemporary jazz greats, this documentary takes a look at the significance of jazz and where it’s headed. There’s plenty of footage of legendary performers, and the history of the genre is closely examined. If you’re remotely interested in this style of music, Icons Among Us is a must-see.

Play the Game – When David (Paul Campbell) tells his grandfather (Andy Griffith) a few secrets on how to woo the ladies, Grandpa Joe soon becomes a lothario at his retirement community. David, meanwhile, encounters difficulties in his pursuit of the lovely Julie (Marla Sokoloff), and he’s eventually forced to seek help from the very man he once schooled. I don’t know about you, but I’m up for any film in which Andy Griffith gets some hot senior lovin’.

Celine: Through the Eyes of the World – This documentary follows singer Celine Dion on her 2008-09 Taking Chances Tour (her first in nine years), where the songstress played on five continents and 25 countries. Take a look behind the scenes and witness Dion perform her biggest hits. While I’m not a fan, those who are should be tickled pink.

Crazy on the Outside – Okay, so this Tim Allen film holds a 0% freshness rating at Rotten Tomatoes and was released only a few months ago, but how bad can it really be? After all, Allen stars as a man getting out a prison, a role the ex-con should be able to play in his sleep. Plus the cast includes Sigourney Weaver, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Ray Liotta, Kelsey Grammer and J.K. Simmons.

Daria: The Complete Series – After getting her start on Beavis and Butt-Head, droll teen Daria Morgendorffer got her own animated series that examined life in high school and the suburbs. All five seasons are included in this collection, and it’s packed with satirical commentary and wry observations delivered in Daria’s distinctive monotone.

Edge of Darkness – Mel Gibson returns to the big screen in his first starring role since 2002. This time around, he’s a Boston cop who witnesses his daughter gunned down right in front of his eyes. As he goes hunting for those responsible, he stumbles across a massive cover-up and encounters a deadly CIA operative (Ray Winstone) with mixed motives. Based on a 1985 BBC television series.

Deadliest Warrior: Season One – If you’re a guy, you’re almost obliged to watch this Spike TV series at least once. Using the latest in computer technology and consulting with experts of all kinds, the show pits various historical warriors against one another in fights to the death. And in some cases, real-life figures are matched against one another. Highlights from the first season include Pirate vs. Knight, Yakuza vs. Mafia, IRA vs. Taliban, and William Wallace vs. Shaka Zulu.

Besides these new Netflix releases, you can also read about other DVD and Blu-ray movies available from the online rental service by clicking on the following links:

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