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Thursday, December 23, 2010 at 2:17 pm

Before we get started, I want to be clear about one thing: All the streaming movies included on this list can be viewed legally on the Internet. That doesn’t mean I’m opposed to some 14-year-old getting the latest online films for free, but I do want to avoid having the MPAA lob tear gas grenades through my bedroom window. I’m just a law-abiding sort of fellow.

As the Internet continues to grow, more and more sites are springing up to offer streaming movies at no charge to the viewer. While some may require you to sit through a commercial every so often, it’s still a darn good bargain. Just be careful when searching for such sites, as many of the sites are filled with viruses and worthless links. I suggest the following both for safety and reliability:

I should also mention that Netflix offers streaming movies to its customers, although you’ll need to pay to take advantage of their services. Still, they now offer a plan for $7.99 per month that allows users access to an unlimited number of streaming movies per month. It’s hard to beat that deal.

But if you’re still dedicated to watching movies online without paying a single penny, here are some of the quality films you might expect to come across. These titles, by the way, were all found at the sites mentioned above.

Heavy Metal in Baghdad (2007) – Spike Jonze served as executive producer on this rockumentary about an Iraq-based heavy metal band known as Acrassicauda. While viewers get to witness their passion for power chords and headbanging, the aftermath of the Iraq War is also shown in grisly detail. The rock ‘n roll subculture is explored, including anti-American sentiment directed at anyone who would dare to plug in a guitar and call for social change.

In Cold Blood (1967) – Based on the best-selling non-fiction work by Truman Capote, In Cold Blood follows Perry Smith (Robert Blake) and Richard Hickock (Scott Wilson) as they murder a family in Kansas during a botched home invasion, go on the run, and then face justice from a jury of their peers. The performances by Blake and Wilson are especially impressive, and the choice to use black-and-white film gives the whole movie a documentary feel. Nominated for four Oscars.

American Psycho 2 (2002) – Denounced by critics, fans of the original, and American Psycho author Bret Easton Ellis, this direct-to-video sequel has one thing going for it…Mila Kunis in the lead role as a deranged college student/serial killer who obsesses over joining the FBI. And she’ll do anything to fulfill her dream, including bumping off fellow classmates and getting a little too cozy with her professor (William Shatner). Don’t expect Silence of the Lambs, but Kunis is smokin’ hot and knows how to wield a knife.

Santa’s Slay (2005) – A mixture of black comedy and horror set during the Christmas holidays, Santa’s Slay raises the bar for weirdness thanks to Bill Goldberg as a Santa Claus who’s actually the spawn of Satan. A crazy old man (Robert Culp) and his grandson try to save the day, but not before Saint Nick has bumped off celebrity victims such as James Caan, Chris Kattan, Fran Drescher, and Rebecca Gayheart. There are a total of 35 deaths to enjoy, and the cries of Santa’s victim are sweeter than any sugar-filled fruitcake. Also starring Douglas Smith, Emilie de Ravin, Dave Thomas, Saul Rubinek, and Tiny Lister.

McLintock! (1963) – This politically incorrect Western movie stars John Wayne as a cattle baron who takes in a widow (Yvonne De Carlo) and her two children. This doesn’t sit well with his estranged wife (Maureen O‘Hara), however, and soon the sparks are flying. Two women get paddled separately with coal shovels, so this should make for perfect viewing if you’re a misogynist or just really, really old school. Feminists would be better off watching The Vagina Monologues.

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The Descent (2005) – The rare horror film to draw positive critical reviews, Neil Marshall’s The Descent follows six female friends as they go caving in North Carolina. But they’re not alone underground, and soon they find themselves being stalked by ravenous creatures known as “Crawlers.” If you’re looking for streaming movies featuring claustrophobic terror and an all-female cast, then this one should do the trick.

The Principal (1987) – James Belushi shows off his tough-guy side in this action film about Rick Latimer, an alcoholic teacher who’s promoted to principal of a violent high school after engaging in a brawl with his ex-wife’s boyfriend. With his motto of “No more,” Rick tries to get rid of the drugs and the gangs, but he’ll need some help from the school’s guard (Louis Gossett, Jr.) and the rest of the student body. Co-starring Rae Dawn Chong, The Principal was a forerunner to school violence films such as The Substitute and 187.

In a Lonely Place (1950) – Hollywood loves movies about Hollywood, and this film noir classic from Nicholas Ray is one of the best. Humphrey Bogart stars as Dixon Steele, a violent, hard-drinking screenwriter who becomes a murder suspect and engages in a turbulent relationship with his actress neighbor (Gloria Grahame). Bogie is at his best here, and anyone who’s never experienced his work on the silver screen is encouraged to take a look.

The Bride (1985) – Sting stars as Baron Charles Frankenstein, a brilliant scientist who’s built a monster (Clancy Brown) from spare body parts. When he sets out to create a mate for him, the result is the very human-looking Eva (Jennifer Beals). That’s when the trouble begins, as Eva rejects her monstrous companion and Baron Frankenstein begins to fall in love with her. Fans of the Twilight series should give this gothic romance a try.

Still Crazy (1998) – If you like to watch aging rock stars make fools of themselves, be sure to check out this hilarious and frequently touching tale of Strange Fruit, a once-popular band that reunites after 20 years apart. Fans of 80’s hard rock should find the songs surprisingly catchy, and the talented UK cast includes Bill Nighy, Stephen Rea, Billy Connolly, and Timothy Spall.

That concludes our look at some of the streaming movies available online. Finding free and legal movies on the Internet can sometimes be a bit of a chore, but it’s well worth the effort for the budget-minded cinephile. And if you ever decide to break down and open up your wallet, Netflix will always be there waiting for you. They have thousands of streaming movies available, plus even more films that can be delivered right to your door. Even better, the small commission we receive when you sign up helps keep us in business.

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