2012 Oscar Predictions

Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 2:59 pm
By Shane Rivers

Looking ahead for 2012 Oscar predictions makes me feel a little bit like Johnny Carson’s legendary Carnac the Magnificent. 2012 is currently three years away, so there’s no telling what sort of developments will take place in Hollywood (and America) in the meantime. But that’s never stopped me before, so prepare yourself for some totally off-the-wall 2012 Oscar predictions courtesy of OnlyGoodMovies.com.

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Best Supporting Actor for 2012

Just for fun, here are a few interesting facts about the Best Supporting Actor category:

2012 Oscar PredictionsThe Best Supporting Actor category is always unpredictable, and it provides an excellent opportunity for actors to get noticed by Hollywood and the general public. In recent years, guys such as Michael Shannon, Jackie Earle Haley, Djimon Hounsou and Casey Affleck have all used their nominations to boost their careers. Here are a few more to keep your eyes on as 2012 rolls around.

Best Actor for 2012

Instead of talking about perennial contenders like Ralph Fiennes and Sean Penn, why don’t we look at some actors who don’t have a chance in hell of being nominated? Maybe they’ll prove me wrong, but each one of these fellows seems to have a talent for showing up in awful films. I don’t even expect to see them in the audience come Oscar night.

Best Supporting Actress for 2012

The Best Supporting Actress category often holds the biggest surprises when it comes to Academy Award nominees. Women who’ve never been heard of before by most moviegoers will suddenly make the transition from obscurity to stardom. In other cases, major female celebrities will be nominated in this category for a small but important role. Any list of 2012 Oscar predictions wouldn’t be complete without including a few possible contenders for this award.

Best Actress for 2012

While it’s hard to predict who’ll be nominated for Best Actress in 2012, it’s much easier to predict who won’t be nominated. Check out this list of so-called actresses and cringe at their combined mediocrity.

Best Director for 2012

Part of my 2012 Oscar predictions are for the coveted Best Director award. I’m predicting this year in particular will be a tight race, with each of the following directors in contention.

Best Animated Film

While most animated films for 2012 have yet to be announced, there are a couple of strong contenders on the horizon for the Best Animated Film award. They are: