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Monday, April 23, 2012 at 9:13 pm
By Shane Rivers

The articles in our featured pages section contain in-depth looks at movies and actors. If you want to know about the scariest movie rabbits ever captured on film or the life lessons I learned from watching Road House, then I advise you to jump right in and click on the links. It’s a great way to kill a few hours, and you might even learn something about cinema in the process.

For even more information and musings on motion pictures, be sure to visit the Only Good Movies blog. The bulk of our content resides here, and new stuff is being posted all the time. In addition to writing about individual films, we talk shop with film critics, show you how to save money at the theatre, and even profile the latest releases on Blu-ray and DVD.

But enough with the self-promotion. Let’s look at all of the featured pages currently being offered by OGM:

Good Movies to Rent – Do you wander the aisles of your local video store like you’re searching for the Holy Grail? Does a quick visit to Netflix turn into an ordeal that threatens to shatter your sanity? If so, you may need to arm yourself with a list of good movies to rent, which is exactly the purpose of this article.

Best Robot Movies – Whether you’re looking for movies with killer androids or quirky robot comedies from the ’80s, this list has something for everyone. Includes a total of 85 suggestions.

Good New Movies – Instead of writing up a list of new movies that will be outdated by the time you read it, I’ve listed a number of sources where you can find information on the latest releases. Includes sites like Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and the Movie Review Query Engine.

Best Movie Posters – I spent an entire week writing up this article, as I looked over every movie poster I could possibly find. The result is a list of the 101 best movie posters ever produced. Some of my selections will be controversial, but you’re sure to find plenty of your favorites among them.

Modern War Movies – This list discusses 15 of the best war movies set in the post-Vietnam era. If you’re a fan of gunfire, explosions, and tough old coots like Eastwood, Hackman, and Tommy Lee Jones, then don’t pass this one up.

Good Kid Movies – If you’ve got children–or happen to be one–take a look at this article that compiles sources such as the IMDB, AFI, and

Movie Facts – A list of interesting cinematic facts. If you’ve ever wondered who Rob Reiner would’ve cast in his version of The Shawshank Redemption, come on in and look around.

Movie Dictionary – Film Terms – A mammoth list of industry terms. Learn about different genres, insider jargon, and the difference between a best boy and gaffer.

10 Great Robert Downey Jr. Movie Moments – Highlighting some of the finest acting moments in the long career of Robert Downey Jr. I used to have links to all the scenes, but they’re no longer available thanks to the greedy studios pulling them down from YouTube.

Scariest Movie Rabbits – These rabbits are dynamite! From Monty Python and the Holy Grail to Night of the Lepus, every terrifying example of these cute creatures is examined.

The Hire – A Look at the Influential BMW Series – This series from BMW helped launch the career of Clive Owen and inspired The Transporter. Each episode is listed and discussed, and I’ve also provided links so you can watch them in their entirety.

Why the IRS Will Never Defeat Wesley Snipes – Since this article was written, Wesley Snipes was sentenced to three years in prison for not paying his taxes. Still, I thought these were compelling reasons why he would beat the system, especially the part where he gives out free turkeys.

Favorite Movies of Epic Beard Man – Some call him a hero, while others think of him as a racist. Whatever the case, be sure to check out the imagined favorite films of the old fella who turned a simple bus ride into an Internet sensation.

12 Mythological Gods Who Deserve More Screen Time – Gods like Thor have already been brought to the big screen, but there are plenty of other deities who are just as deserving.

10 Victims of the Oscar Curse & Oscar Jinx – The “Oscar Jinx” refers to winners who suffer a career slump after receiving the industry’s highest honor. We look at 10 of the most notable victims.

10 Most Dangerous Movie Vigilantes – From Paul Kersey to the MacManus brothers, this article looks at the 10 most lethal individuals to ever take the law into their own hands.

Lucas McNelly Interview – Director of Blanc de Blanc – Lucas McNelly is a director, actor, writer, producer, and much more. Learn about him and his projects in this in-depth interview.

12 Top Post-apocalyptic Movie Villains – When the end of polite society comes, you can bet there will still be lots of jerks remaining. This list looks at some of the best examples.

The 21 Most Anticipated Films of 2010 – I wrote this back in January of 2010, but it should still provide you with a list of 21 great ideas the next time you’re updating your Netflix queue.

10 Worst Movies of 2009 – Unfortunately, plenty of crappy movies are released each year. In this article, however, I’ve chosen to focus on 2009 and the worst features to come out that year.

11 Best Christmas Movie Scenes – Christmas films are a mixed bag, but you can hedge your bets by reading this list of the 11 all-time best scenes from holiday movies.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Q&A – One of our former correspondents attended a question and answer event featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal. It’s an interesting look at many of the elements that go into the craft of acting.

20 Reasons Not to See Avatar – Okay, I saw Avatar, but that didn’t stop me from listing 20 reasons why you shouldn’t. Apparently, nobody listened.

11 Great Morgan Freeman Moments – Morgan Freeman is the man, and this article examines 11 of his most memorable on-screen moments. One features funny eyebrows, so lovers of bizarre facial hair should be delighted.

15 Movies Christians Find Offensive – I polled a large number of Christians to come up with this list. I also tried to generate a seperate article for Satanists, but I couldn’t get most of them to respond.

Best Doomsday Scenarios – How will the world end? Read this article and learn about the most likely options according to Hollywood.

Brant Sersen Interview – Director of Splinterheads – An interview with up-and-coming director Brant Sersen. Highly recommended for fans of indie cinema.

The 10 Most Mental Movie Psychics – The men and women on this list can cause your head to explode, see the future, and turn the local prom into a living hell. Click on the link and get to know them better.

20 Movie Sequels That Sucked – Most movie sequels suck, but the films on this list take “suck” to a whole new level.

50 Good Psychological Thriller Movies – A generous list of films specializing in terror and suspense.

13 Best Movie Zombies – A look at the greatest individual zombies to ever show up in the movies. No, Bill Murray didn’t make the list.

12 Things I Learned from Watching Road House – I learned everything I need to know about life from watching Road House. You can do the same by reading this article.

10 Movie Roles Megan Fox Should’ve Played – I don’t know about her talent, but there’s no disputing that Megan Fox is scorching hot. Thanks to my revisionist imagination, I look at 10 motion pictures Ms. Fox could have made better.

9 Sassiest Black Women in Film – Hollywood films like to throw in sassy black women. Some people enjoy this trend, while others find it demeaning. No matter which camp you fall into, you should be familiar with these ebony ladies with attitude.

Best Vampire Movies – Good Vampire Films – I prefer the old school vampire flicks with Christopher Lee, but this article covers cinematic bloodsuckers from all possible decades.

10 Coolest Vampires on DVD or Blu-Ray – In the previous post, I talked about the best vampire movies. This article, however, is dedicated to specific portrayals of the undead. Don’t expect to find anyone from the Twilight franchise.

10 Best Movie Roles for Professional Wrestlers – Every since pro wrestling has been around, its stars have been turning up in feature films. Here are my picks for their 10 best roles.

15 TV Shows That Should Never Be Made into Movies – Hollywood loves to turn TV shows into movies, but hopefully these 15 series will never get the big screen treatment. If they do, expect the world to abruptly end.

10 Worst Movie Pets – Before you purchase or adopt a pet, read this article to make sure you’re not getting a potential menace. This is especially true if you’re confined to a wheelchair and looking to get a helper monkey.

20 Best Movie Monsters and Aliens – Whether it’s radioactive dinosaurs or telepathic visitors from another world, this article covers all the greatest movie monsters and aliens.

The 10 Best Mall Movies – A look at the 10 best movies to be set in a mall. One of these even features comic book icon Stan Lee.

10 Historical Figures Omitted from Night at the Museum – Not every person from history got included in the Night at the Museum movies. Here are 10 folks who were noticeably absent.

10 Best Undercover Cop Movies – Movie cops love to dress up in disguises and go undercover. Here are 10 of the best films to feature that premise.

10 Best Cinematic Coots, Codgers and Grumpy Old Men – Cranky old men are a staple of Hollywood movies, and they can range from comical to downright heartwarming. The next time you’re looking for a film with notable performances from senior citizens, give this list a try.

15 Movie Characters I Was Glad to See Die – Some movie characters are so obnoxious that you can’t wait for them to perish. This entry is one long spoiler, so consider yourself warned.

10 Best Movie Roles by Stand-Up Comics Turned Actors – Plenty of stand-up comics have made the transition to film. Here are 10 notable examples of what they can do.

12 Comic Books Which Deserve Their Own Movie – My list of comic books that should be adapted to the screen.

12 Comic Book Badasses Who Deserve Their Own Movie – Since Wolverine got a solo film, I started thinking of other comic book tough guys (and gals) who deserved their own franchise. Here’s what I came up with.

Top 10 Movie Catfights – When women battle each other, it’s commonly referred to as a “catfight.” Here are 10 examples that are sure to thrill male readers.

10 1980s Cartoons Just Begging for a Movie Adaptation – Once upon a time, kids would actually get up on Saturday morning and watch cartoons. Now, I suppose they just send texts and watch some Nickelodeon.

Top 12 Movie Bands – The best bands ever depicted on the big screen. This one goes all the way to 12.

25 Coolest Bald Movie Characters – If you’re bald or have thinning hair, watching any of these characters in action will give you renewed confidence.

20 Child Actresses Who Grew into Babes – Some child actresses grow up to be ugly. The women on this list are just the opposite.

Good Movies Coming in 2012 – A preview of some of the feature films for 2012. This was written in 2009, so expect a number of these projects to have been derailed.

2012 Oscar Predictions – My long-term projections for the 2012 Oscars. I’ll be lucky to get even one of these right.

Good Movies Coming in 2011 – Here’s yet another article where I write about upcoming movies several years in advance.

2011 Oscar Predictions – My picks for the 2011 Oscar ceremony.

2009 Academy Awards Previews and Predictions – Yet another article dedicated to Hollywood’s evening of patting itself on the back.

15 Summer Blockbusters for 2009 – A selection of some of the possible moneymakers during the 2009 summer movie season.

Best Movies of 2008 – Includes the top films according to box office revenue, plus picks from people like Stephen King and Roger Ebert.

Top 100 Movies – A resource that lists the 100 best movies as chosen by numerous publications, websites, and film critics.

100 Actors Who’ve Turned Down Big Movie Roles – You’ll be amazed at some of the roles that have been passed over. It’s a miracle that Bruce Willis ended up in Die Hard or Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry.

The 13 Best Jason Voorhees Kills – The greatest examples of Jason killing teenagers.

13 Best Holiday Horror Movies – Most holiday films are meant to warm the chambers of your heart, while others are designed to rip out your heart and show it to you before you die.