More Movie Lists

Monday, April 23, 2012 at 9:35 pm
By Shane Rivers

If you’re looking for more movie lists, Only Good Movies offers a large number of articles in various categories. Our goal is to direct you towards feature films that you might have overlooked, and we take great pride in matching readers with quality works of cinema (or the occasional Steven Seagal flick).

For even more movie recommendations, you’ll want to check out the OGM blog. I update it frequently, and you can rest assured that I’ve seen each and every film being discussed.

List of Good Movies – This entry focuses on good films, and I’ve broken them up into categories such as “A List of Good Movies That Influenced Quentin Tarantino,” “Good French Horror Movies,” and “A List of Good Blockbuster Movies.” Even hardcore cinephiles should find something of interest.

Good Action Movies – The ’80s and early ’90s may have been the heyday for action films, but theatres still feature works with car chases, shootouts, and plenty of explosions. This list takes a look at some of the best examples of the genre, regardless of the decade.

Good Adventure Movies – A list of 17 films featuring heroes and heroines undertaking dangerous journeys to exotic locations. Movies such as Raiders of the Lost Ark are a given, but you may be surprised by some of the other entries that made the final cut.

Good Comedy Movies – The various types of comedy sub-genres are examined, as well as the all-time greats based on critical “best of” lists and box-office revenue. If you like to laugh, you’ll want to give this one a look.

Good Conspiracy Movies – The films in this list range from the 1960s to the 1990s and feature shadowy government agencies, assassinations, and a general sense of paranoia.

Good Crime Movies – This list focuses on crime movies filled with Italians. Expect lots of pasta and gangland violence.

Good Date Movies – The next time you’re getting together with that special someone, try popping one of these date movies into the DVD or Blu-ray player. You might get lucky.

Good Courtroom Drama Movies – Real-life courtrooms are boring, but that’s not the case with their cinematic equivalents. Anything can happen in movie courtrooms, and these films are the best of the bunch according to the members of the American Film Institute.

Good Epic Movies – This list discusses the all-time great epic movies as selected by the American Film Institute. If you’re looking for historical films with sweeping action and romance, put one of these in your Netflix queue immediately.

Good Fathers Day Movies – When you and your dad are sitting around on Father’s Day, it always helps to have a movie to bond over. This list provides some of the best options, with the emphasis being on manly action and sports.

Good Halloween Movies – October 31st is always a special day, as kids get dressed up in costumes and eat way too much candy. Some also like to watch scary movies, and this list details 25 feature films worth your time.

Good Hitler Movies – While Hitler was certainly a madman, the films about his life can often make for compelling viewing. In a few cases, filmmakers have even been bold enough to make comedies poking fun at Hitler and/or the Third Reich.

Good Horror Movies – From Fangoria and TIME to the IMDB and AFI, this article compiles a number of “best of” lists as they relate to horror movies.

Good Mothers Day Movies – Looking for a present for Mother’s Day? Take a look at this list, and you’ll find a number of choices that are guaranteed to please women of every age.

Good Science Fiction Movies – Sci-fi films allow viewers to get lost in a fantastic reality filled with aliens and miracles of modern science. The oldest film on my list centers around the extinction of the human race through nuclear war, while the newest has Sam Rockwell making a terrifying discovery on the Moon.

Good Soccer Movies – Soccer is truly an international sport, and the films on this list reflect its diversity. Most have been made within the last 15 years, although one classic example comes to us from the early ’80s (and includes Sylvester Stallone).

Good Vampire Movies – Audiences can’t get enough of vampires, whether they’re calculating killers or handsome teens who shine like diamonds. A few films from the new millennium are included, but the rest of the list is dedicated to films from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s.

Good War Movies – Whether they deal with Vietnam or ancient battlegrounds of the Middle Ages, good war movies are popular with people of all genders (especially guys). This article looks at the best examples of the genre according to Internet Movie Database, the American Film Institute, and others.

Good Western Movies – Even though Westerns have declined in popularity, good examples of the genre are still being produced. This list takes a look at a few Westerns from recent decades, as well as going back to the days prior to World War II.