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Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 10:04 am

I’m a huge fan of vampire movies, so I suppose it was natural that I’d eventually find the time to put together this vampire movies list. You’ve no doubt seen a few of these, but I also tried to include some overlooked films which you might find of interest. Covering several decades, this list features new vampire movies, vampire movies of the 70s, plus fanged goodness from the 80s and 90s. If you want to share your own favorites, don’t be shy. Head to the comments section and pontificate till your heart’s content. And if you actually decide to take my advice, you should be able to find all the following vampire films at Netflix.

1. Let the Right One In (2008) – Released last year, Let the Right One In is one of the new vampire movies which has renewed interest in the genre. Billed as a “romantic horror” film, this Swedish work is based on a novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist and deals with the relationship between a young boy named Oskar and an androgynous vampire who appears to be his own age. Not for the squeamish and definitely not for the kiddies.

2. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (2001) – Jesus teams up with Mexican wrestler El Santo to battle vampires intent on preying on the lesbians of Ottawa, Canada. How can you not love a film with such an over-the-top premise? Not a good movie by conventional standards, but I’m willing to bet that you’ll still have a good time.

3. The Lost Boys (1987) – When it comes to vampire movies of the 80s, The Lost Boys would have to be king. Starring beautiful young actors such as Jami Gertz, Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland, the film revolves around the Emerson family and their encounters with the vampiric community of Santa Carla, California. I’m amazed that it took them over 20 years to release a sequel.

4. Blade (1998) – Wesley Snipes is half human, half vampire, and all badass. Along with the crotchety Whistler (Kris Kristofferson), he spends his time killing bloodsuckers with a combination of high tech weapons and good old-fashioned kung fu. One of the best examples of vampire movies of the 90s.

5. The Hunger (1983) – Susan Sarandon plays a researcher who studies sleep and aging. She runs into a vampire duo played by David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve and gets drawn into their dangerous world of chic immortality. Another example of the classic vampire movies of the 80s.

6. The Vampire Lovers (1970) – A highly erotic vampire film from Hammer, The Vampire Lovers stars Ingrid Pitt as an insatiable vampiress with lesbian tendencies. Peter Cushing co-stars as the only man who can stop her (of course). If you’re looking for one of the sexiest vampire movies of the 70s, then your quest is at an end.

7. Martin (1977) – This George Romero vampire film has a lot of fun playing around with the standard conventions of the genre. The young Martin fancies himself a vampire, but items like crosses and garlic have no effect. In addition, he must use a razor blade to obtain the all-important red stuff. A sad film, but highly original. Definitely one of Romero’s best films.

8. The Blood Spattered Bride (1972) – An example of vampire movies of the 70s, this Spanish flick features newlyweds stalked by a mysterious woman. The woman in question turns out to be Carmilla, a lesbian vampire (the best kind, in my opinion) who’s taken a liking to the new bride. Lots of kinky lesbian undertones made this vampire film a cult classic (not to mention the lovely Alexandra Bastedo as Carmilla).

9. The Twins Effect (2003) – Chinese pop stars Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi star as a pair of young women who get caught up in a vampiric intrigue. Plenty of comedy and kung fu, and Jackie Chan even has a cameo. A fun alternative when searching for new vampire movies.

10. The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974) – Released by Hammer in order to grab a piece of the kung fu movie market, this film has Dr. Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) lecturing in Chungking on Chinese vampire legends. When he learns one of the legends is real, he journeys with a band of kung fu masters to deal with the problem. Little does he know that Count Dracula awaits, passing himself off as a crazed monk. One of the more bizarre vampire movies of the 70s.

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September 18, 2009

Computers & Tech

Hey there,
Nice post, I just stumbled upon it and I’m already a fan.

November 30, 2009



December 1, 2009


are there any other good movies you know about that arn’t already up there?

December 8, 2009


Twilight? Really?!

December 8, 2009


Mr Vampire (there’s about 6)
Close Encounters of the Spooky Kind
The Fearless Vampire Killers
Vampire Hunter D
Near Dark
Fright Night 1 & 2
I Was a Teenage Vampire

December 13, 2009


To ‘Twilight’:
Also, maybe have a go at correcting your grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
Perhaps also develop a more decent taste in your choice of movies?

Compare the titles of two vampire movies :
The Blood Spattered Bride vs Twilight.
Which one sounds like it might actually have something to do with vampires?
Also, from what I gathered, a vampire (mythical creature of course)has fangs, and ‘lives’ to kill. Twilight vampires have no fangs, they’re all glittery and fall in love.
I wouldn’t consider it a vampire movie. I would consider it a teenage blockbuster…a romance. I would probably put it on the same shelf as Harry Potter and Hannah Montana.

Other vampire movies would be
Underworld Evolution
Interview with a Vampire
Queen of the Damned
30 days of night
Van Helsing ?? I think it has vampires in it. I’m not quite sure anymore. I’m pretty sure the original one does (the funny one, but I’m not sure about the 2004 version)

December 18, 2009


Thank you for not listing Twilight anywhere in there.

December 18, 2009


You’re quite welcome.

December 21, 2009


Hey ‘stef’
who rights a long 3 paragragraphs about how ‘twilight’ is doing things wrong… like seriously.

December 21, 2009


Twilight haters:(

January 4, 2010


I’m trying to find the name of a movie that I would consider to be a Vampire movie since it does have vampires in it. It’s been a while since I have seen it, so bear with me…
The plot is something like this: A vampire wakes up from a really long sleep (I think, or something like it) to find himself in a modern world he knows nothing about. He meets a girl (of course) who helps him around and tries to convert him back into a human by feeding him human food (He eats spaghetti or something like that). I remember a part about a really nice red car that he got close to and the alarm started going off…. I also remember a part about him meeting someone who was divorced and he was so curious as to why she did it and what her family thought and etc. I think it might be set in the late 80s or sometime in the 90s. I think it might be set in New York or some big city.
I have no clue who is in it and I don’t really expect anyone on this web sight to really know either, I’m just curious. Anyway I think it is supposed to be funny…any ideas????

January 5, 2010


I really suck at these. Sorry, but I have no idea what film you’re talking about. If anyone else out there reads this and knows the answer, please post it and help Hmmm out.

January 29, 2010


intervew with a vampire is a prety good one

January 29, 2010


No argument there. It’s so weird to go back and watch it. Kirsten Dunst as a little kid, a pre-crazy Tom Cruise (at least as far as the public knew) and a closing song from Guns N Roses. Hell, even Christian Slater got in on the action. Now that you mention it, I’m gonna have to go back and give it another look. Thanks for the comment.

February 9, 2010


Seriously, stop picking on Twilight. The fact that there are millions of people out there who adore it says that it is probably a pretty good movie, even if you don’t like it. Who died and made you the almighty ruler of good vampire movies. Everyone is entitled to their own taste in moveis, so shut up and keep you negative thoughts to yourself.

February 11, 2010


Have you ever heard of “the other side of the storm”

February 12, 2010


ok i thought the whole twilight craze was just a fad until i actually watched it and thought it was very romantic. I was however very upset with the new moon it was def. not what i hoped for hopefully the next will be better but twilight is def. my new fav. 🙂

March 12, 2010


Twilight us a veryt good movie. I like the way it begins and ends. I loved both movies. I hope that there will be another one. 🙂

March 19, 2010


what about blade ?

March 22, 2010


You’ll get no argument from me. Blade is an excellent vampire movie. It’s just a case of only so many films being able to be included on the list.

April 4, 2010


the best of all vampire series i ever watched,
even the 2nd one in titled new moon, i cant wait for the next series eclipse and also the much awaited last series braking down………….it makes me fall inlove again and again…

April 10, 2010


Have you seen the film She? It was one of my favs back in the day. And if you have seen it do you know a site I can get it?

April 11, 2010


Haven’t seen it myself, but you’ll no doubt be able to purchase it at Amazon. If you’re looking for a free place to download it, I don’t know of any.

April 14, 2010


You’ve forgotten my favourite Vampire Movie: Interview with the vampire!

April 14, 2010


Oeps, I see there is someone who already mentioned it.

April 16, 2010


the movie you are looking for HMMMM is love bites. it stars Adam Ant you can find it on vhs on amazon. or watch it on you tube. 🙂

April 23, 2010


Excuse me, but I would like to say that just because twilight
is romance, doesn’t mean it is not a good vampire movie. Just
because there is no blood and guts you don’t need to go judging. Besides, most people prefer the book anyway.

April 23, 2010


And for grace its BREAKING DAWN
not braking down. Get it right people.

May 6, 2010


Can anyone tell me the name of the sexy black vampire in The Forsaken? Thanks.

May 26, 2010


wow, i didn’t knew there was more vampire movies lovers…i thought i was the only one….well there is some good movies out there and well to twilight lovers i am so sorry i didnt understood that movie at all so i stick with interview with a vampire

June 3, 2010


@ “Hmmmmm..” I’m looking for the EXACT same movie!!! i cant find it newhere!!!!!

June 13, 2010


Well i would have to say the blade series, underworld series, and 30 days of night are all pretty good ones… but the topic of Twilight i would have to agree its not really a vampire movie, its more of a action/adventure/romace if u ask me. if they would make the story line less about love, it could improve it a little bit. its more of just a teenage blockbuster romance.

June 15, 2010



June 20, 2010


@ Hmmm and rae:

Was it Blood and Dounuts? It seems like I remember something like that happening, but it has been a long time since I’ve seen it.

June 24, 2010


Truly, @ all twilight lovers, go keep your movie. just don’t quote it on a vampire movie page. i am intitled to my opinion, and am allowed to express it; i think it sucks(and not blood).

interview with the vampire and queen of the damned are probably the best movies, i like the vampire lovers, underworld(all three), let the right one in and martin and the lost boys.
Nosferatu (silent, cheesy, but funny)
Dracula (1992)
Vampyros Lesbos
Lesbian Vampire Killers
Salem’s Lot
from dusk till dawn
Shadow of the Vampire

July 7, 2010


This is a pretty awesome site. I have to agree that Twilight should not be on this website, “only good movies”. I both read the Twilight series and have seen Twilight and New Moon and my personal opinion is that the books are okay but I don’t believe they deserve all the attention they are getting. I mean they are actually one of the worse vampire books that I have ever read. When comparing the movies to the Blade Trilogy or the Underworld Trilogy , and Interview with a Vampire or Queen of the Damned or Van Helsing (which does include vampires for who ever mentioned that earlier). Yeah they don’t deserve to be in the same category. The previous movies that I mentioned are GREAT movies. Twilight is just okay.

If I started an already finished conversation over again I’m sorry. But really I’m getting sick of the big fuss every one is making over Twilight, because there are better movies out there that deserve this kind of attention.

July 7, 2010


Two things…#1 To all you Twlight fans, if you want a good vamp love story “Bram Stokers Dracula with (yea I know Keanu Reeves, but the movie’s great) and #2 Does anyone know the name of the Vamp movie that came out not to long ago about the entire population turning into Vamps and farming humans for their blood? I cant find it anwhere…is it even out on DVD yet?

July 7, 2010


Kathryn, the movie you’re talking about is Daybreakers, starring Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe. And, yes, it’s currently available on DVD.

July 8, 2010


To Shane, Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

July 14, 2010


I am trying to finf a vampire movie I had (lost the DVD). It was a little different. I think it is Japanese because of the quality of the file, acting and story line. Fairly recent, say 10 + years or so. My daughter says it had a cameo of Jackie Chan. With all that I still cang seem to Google to it.

I will give a bit of a summary to see if anyone remembers it. Vampire hunters with trick swords have a nice fight scene in a train car. Vamps take up residence in a church but one falls in love with a non-vamp and tries to swear-off blood till the bottles run out. Then the bad vamps from transilvania come and there is a big final fight scene. Vamps are quite athletic and strong, running up walls and such.

That should be enough of a reminder. Really good movie with interesting plot and different point of view (vamps live in a church?). It might be Chinese but I sort of remember it being Japanese. Excellent effects and choriagryphy.

Thanks for any help.

July 15, 2010


I think you’re talking about The Twins Effect (also known as The Vampire Effect).

July 15, 2010


Thank you Shane,
I had convinced myself it was Japanese and that led me astray. I just checked it out of the county lybrary and sure enough Vampire effect was the one.

I like SciFi myself but when someone can combine SciFi with some other genare (vampires, ghosts, etc) it is very cool.
Thanks again, Gary

July 15, 2010


Hope you enjoy the movie, Gary. Those two lead actresses are a pair of cuties, and they’ve certainly grown into beautiful women.

July 16, 2010


I agree completely. I have a penchant for oriental women and married a Chinese who I love dearly after 20 tears. We are Jackie Chan fans and that is how we saw the Vampire Effect. But Jackie only had a tiny (but always exciting) part and the movie stands as (to my SciFi ways) the best vampire movie I have seen or heard of.

August 6, 2010


How is Bram Stoker’s Dracula not on here?

August 7, 2010


This is a list of 10 good vampire movies that I would recommend to fans of the genre. Nowhere does it claim to list the top 10 vampire movies or the greatest vampire flicks of all time.

I’ve done other lists involving vampire movies, and Coppola’s version certainly made the cut.

August 18, 2010

How Awful

I just happened upon this little thing looking for movies to download… and it might be late however I would like to throw my 2 cents in. What about From Dusk Til Dawn.. Or for a stretch the Brotherhood if I remember correctly has something to do with vampires or vampire like things. LOL. Oh yes, I very much agree with Josh BRAM STOKER!! Also, the Twilight thing a while back… it is true it’s a vampire movie because it’s got vampires in it, and I personally think, that the reason that true vampire movie lovers hate it so much is because it’s a book/ movie series aimed at younger minded people that 1. Are crazy and think that vampires are real and want to be swept away by one like in the books (Glittery heh heh heh) or 2. Don’t like the classic type of vampire stories ( Gory/ Darker) and like the lighter (more glittery heh heh heh) side of the vampire stories. Personally I’m not a fan of the story itself. Oh yeah I just thought of another vampire movie, it’s not the greatest, but not horrible… Vampire Journals. Stopping my rambling now. LOL

August 29, 2010


hi all
just wanted to find out if i am the only person who has ever seen this movie its called vampire in brooklyn (i thnk)and i can never seem to find it on any lists weather its greatest vampire movies or worst movie its never there


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