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By Shane


In the sidebar, our blog posts are organized by category, but some people like to see how the blog is progressing over time. For folks who like that sort of thing, we’ve included this page, which lists our articles in order of when they were posted by year and month (with the most recent being first). Feel free to browse around, as I can almost guarantee that you’ll find something of interest.

Movie Blog Post Archives

2012 Posts

The Hunger Games franchise launched in 2012, while the Twilight films finally came to a close. The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises continued the solid track record of comic book films, while titles like 21 Jump Street did a surprising amount of business. After taking a few months off, Only Good Movies came roaring back to life with articles like “10 Best Jason Statham Movies” and “13 Good Edgar Allan Poe Movies.”

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2011 Posts

2011 was the year of the sequel, although most of them were a waste of time. That didn’t stop us from talking about them, though. We also focused on saving money in 2011, providing a number of articles on coupons for movie theatre chains and products you’d likely eat or drink while watching a DVD at home.

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2010 Posts

3D technology enjoyed a renewed interest in 2010, and that trend is still going strong thanks to kids who don’t know any better and studio executives willing to do anything to make a few extra bucks. Only Good Movies really kicked into high gear in 2010, delivering hundreds of articles ranging from “Top 15 Action Movies of All Time” to “Kathryn Bigelow Movies.” We also did a number of interviews, discussing cinema with a diverse group that included sportscasters, bloggers, and film critics.

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2009 Posts

The era of Only Good Movies starts here. My first post was made in March, and it was dedicated to the 100 best movie blogs. I posted a lot of megalists in 2009, including the all-time best movie villains, the greatest film quotes, and even 50 websites dedicated to the Fast and the Furious series. I also tried to put up a feature article each week, and you can find those by clicking on this link.

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You’ve reached the end of the Only Good Movies archives. There’s nothing more to see down here, so I advise heading back up and clicking on some of the various months. You never know what you might find.