2012 Oscar Winners

Monday, February 27, 2012 at 10:28 am

2012 Oscar Winners

The 84th annual Academy Awards were held last night in Hollywood, and it was the perfect time to either be French or have an abiding love for the city of Paris. That’s because The Artist and Hugo–each set in the City of Light–walked away with five awards apiece. After decades of snide comments about World War II and “freedom fries,” our snail-loving brethren in Europe finally got their revenge by dominating a night that’s become an American institution.

Billy Crystal was back as the host, his ninth such outing. While it proved to be a major improvement over last year’s pairing of Anne Hathaway and James Franco, the comic/actor didn’t have much to work with in the ad lib department. Nobody did anything especially crazy, and there was a noticeable lack of political statements or self-serving agendas. Even when Crystal turned his attention to Nick Nolte–one of the more inviting targets in the audience–all he could muster was a lackluster impression of the actor’s distinctively grizzled voice.

Nolte, however, did provide the most entertaining red carpet moment (at least of those televised by ABC). While Sacha Baron Cohen was strutting around as a Middle Eastern dictator and dumping the supposed ashes of Kim Jong Il on Ryan Seacrest, ABC instead chose to focus on the more dignified aspects of the event. Most of this consisted of celebrities gushing about their designer dresses, although Nolte livened things up when he was prodded into talking about his pet crows and his pinball machine that can predict the future. It was awkward to be sure, but it was also about as close as this year’s event came to crazy.

In the article below, I’ve listed all the winners from the 84th Academy Awards. I’ve started with the “minor” awards, and the list builds up to the major categories such as Best Picture and Best Director. I’ve also sprinkled in some personal commentary when appropriate, and be sure to add your own thoughts in our comments section.

Best Visual Effects

Comments: Prior to the winner being announced, presenters Emma Stone and Ben Stiller engaged in some entertaining banter, with Stone taking on the role of the all-too-excited rookie and Stiller the jaded veteran. One of the funnier bits of the night.

Best Film Editing

Comments: The winning duo also picked up an award in 2011 for their work on The Social Network.

Best Costume Design

Comments: Billy Crystal introduced the presenters by saying, “A recurring dream of mine…Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz.”

Best Makeup

Comments: Male viewers were treated to the rear ends of J-Lo and Diaz–thanks to the two striking a dramatic pose–before Diaz started cackling and generally acting like a dumbass. Can’t say that I’m surprised.

Best Cinematography

Comments: Robert Richardson sporting long white hair. One of my friends compared him to Wade Garrett (played by Sam Elliott) from Roadhouse. Sadly, Roadhouse received zero Oscars back in the day, and Richardson failed to call anyone “mijo.”

Best Art Direction

Comments: As the pair spoke in broken English and dedicated their win to Italy, I was expecting the “get the hell off the stage music” to start up at any time. It never did. In fact, that only happened a couple of times during the show. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, as the total ceremony clocked in at just over 3 hours.

Best Sound Mixing

Comments: So far, that’s a total of four wins for Hugo. Can it keep up the pace, or will The Artist begin to take over down the stretch?

Best Sound Editing

Comments: Make that 5 wins for Hugo. I have a feeling that Martin Scorsese may set a record for being thanked by the most Oscar winners in one night.

Best Original Song

Comments: Only two songs were nominated this year. Couldn’t they come up with some other candidates to pad out the category?

Best Original Score

Comments: Hugo 5 – The Artist 2

Best Animated Short Film

Best Live Action Short Film

Comments: I wonder how many members of the Academy actually wind up watching these films?

Best Documentary – Short Subject

Best Documentary – Feature

Best Foreign Language Film

Comments: I doubt I’ll ever see the winning film, but I sure do admire the director. For that matter, I admire anyone who tries to make art in a nation like Iran. Piss off the wrong person, and you’ll find yourself beaten, imprisoned, and banned from filmmaking for the rest of your life. Farhadi also had a nice acceptance speech, urging people to look beyond the tyrannical Iranian government to see the beauty of his country.

Best Animated Feature

Comments: After directing The Ring and the Pirates of the Caribbean triology, Verbinski strikes Oscar gold for helming that visually breathtaking ode to movie westerns.

Best Writing – Adapted Screenplay

Comments: Presenter Angelina Jolie still looks awesome from the neck up, but the rest of her could stand to put on a few pounds. She looked especially boney tonight. You might know one of the winners in this category–Jim Rash–better as Dean Pelton from TV’s Community.

Best Writing – Original Screenplay

Comments: Woody Allen adds another trophy to his mantle, although he routinely skips the ceremony to play clarinet with his band of fellow jazz enthusiasts. I’m officially taking him out of running for Best Director at this point.

Best Supporting Actress

Comments: The longtime character actress received a standing ovation, then went on to thank “the state of Alabama.”

Best Supporting Actor

Comments: This one was a lock, as Plummer has dominated at every awards ceremony leading up to the Oscars. At the age of 82, he becomes the oldest actor to win an Academy Award, although I have a feeling he’s long since grown tired of people mentioning that fact. He did, however, mentioned that the award was only two years older than him.

Best Actress

Comments: When last Meryl Streep got to take home an Oscar, it was the early part of the 1980s. It’s about damn time. Nice to see Glenn Close’s enthusiam for Streep’s win, even though she missed out on her best chance to capture Oscar gold.

Best Actor

Comments: I was confident that Clooney would win, if for no other reason that folks in Hollywood (aka the voters) seem to love him. That wasn’t the case, however, and Jean Dujardin introduces himself to American viewers in the best way possible. Something tells me that he’ll get offered a number of “villainous Eurotrash” roles in upcoming Hollywood films.

Best Director

Comments: The brings the total wins of The Artist to 4, while Hugo still has the lead with 5. I would have loved to see Scorsese take home another trophy, but his win for The Departed but the kibosh on that before Hugo was ever even made. At least Terrence Malick didn’t get it, although I have a feeling that the camera-shy director didn’t even bother to show up to the ceremony.

Best Picture

Comments: I expected The Artist to win, although something tells me that ratings will be way down this year because of it. Millions will tune in to see Avatar or Titanic have a chance at winning, but what about a French silent film? That being said, I would much rather see an inventive love letter to the early days of Hollywood win than a bloated CGI-fest.

That wraps up another year of Academy Award festivities. While last night’s event didn’t blow anyone away, it was a step in the right direction. And besides, the real purpose was to honor outstanding achievements in cinema while simultaneously shining a spotlight on movies that viewers might not otherwise see. It that regard, it was an overwhelming success.

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February 28, 2012

Jon Bob Hitchins

The fix was in, no doubt. Hermetically sealed envelopes…yeah right…The Academy already knew all the frenchies were gonna win. They had the Cirque du Soleil performing, for pete’s sake. Nothin’s more French than the Cirque du Soleil. I just hope Americans are smart enough to know what’s goin on out in Hollywood before it’s too late.

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