10 Good Chick Flick Movies

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 5:01 pm

The following 10 good chick flick movies are ideally suited for women looking to curl up and enjoy some “me time” after a hard day of work. While these films are aimed at a female audience, any male viewers forced to watch should find themselves laughing–or even sniffling–at key moments. And for those viewers who like convenience, all of the films listed below can be rented from Netflix. We do get a small commission for sending you there, but it doesn’t affect your cost in the least bit.

When Harry Met Sally (1989) – Taking place over the span of 12 years, this Rob Reiner film details a series of encounters between Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) and explores the issue of whether a man and woman can ever truly be “just friends.” The most memorable scene has to be the one taking place in a Manhattan deli, where Meg Ryan demonstrates her ability to fake an orgasm.

All About Eve (1950) – Nominated for 14 Academy Awards, this tale of obsession and betrayal revolves around an aging performer named Margo Channing (Bette Davis) and her biggest fan, Eve Harrington (Anne Baxter). As Eve worms her way into the celebrity’s life, she schemes to become a star herself. Still relevant, especially in this celeb-obsessed era of tabloids and paparazzi.

What’s Love Got to Do With It? (1993) – Angela Bassett provides an emotional performance as Tina Turner, the battered superstar mercilessly dominated by her husband, Ike (Laurence Fishburne). As she struggles to break free and launch a solo career, Turner fans will be treated to some of her greatest hits (sung by Turner herself). Both Bassett and Fishburne received Oscar nominations for their roles.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) – Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard generate great chemistry as a waifish gold digger and a writer on hard times, and Hepburn would receive an Oscar nomination for this career-defining role. Directed by Blake Edwards, the now-controversial film features Mickey Rooney donning Yellowface to portray an Asian man, and Buddy Ebsen would receive the part of Jed Clampett based on his performance as the ex-husband of Holly Golightly (Hepburn).

The English Patient (1996) – As the events of World War II play out, an eclectic group passes the time at an abandoned Italian monastery. These include: a nurse (Juliette Binoche) who believes everyone close to her is destined to die; the horribly burned man (Ralph Fiennes) she’s caring for; an intelligence operative missing both thumbs (Willem Dafoe); and a bomb specialist for the British Army (Naveen Andrews). The winner of nine Academy Awards in 1996, including Best Picture.

His Girl Friday (1940) – When a dedicated newspaper editor (Cary Grant) learns that his ex-wife and fellow reporter (Rosalind Russell) is about to settle down with a bland insurance salesman (Ralph Bellamy), he sets out to sabotage the wedding and win her back. A pitch-perfect example of the screwball comedies from the ‘40s, His Girl Friday is peppered with rapid-fire dialogue and zany romantic situations. A must-see for any lover of classic cinema.

Fried Green Tomatoes (1991) – Based on the novel Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café, this film stars Kathy Bates as an unhappy housewife who befriends an elderly woman (Jessica Tandy) and listens to tales about the close friendship between Idgie Threadgoode (Mary Stuart Masterson) and Ruth Jamison (Mary-Louise Parker). While the book’s lesbian content was removed for the big screen, it still managed to win an award from GLAAD (homophobes beware).

Little Women (1994) – Yet another adaptation of the novel by Louisa May Alcott, but check out the all-star cast: Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Claire Danes, Kirsten Dunst, Christian Bale, Eric Stoltz, Samantha Mathis and Gabriel Byrne. Wow!

Legally Blonde (2001) – Reese Witherspoon became a marketable star in this comedy about a bubbly blonde and sorority girl struggling to be taken seriously at Harvard Law School and recapture the affections of her ex-boyfriend. Also starring Luke Wilson, Selma Blair, Ali Larter and Jennifer Coolidge.

Julia (1977) – Two childhood friends, one a successful playwright and the other a doctor, work together against the Nazi cause. That’s just part of the film, though, as sub-plots involving missing children and murder also pop up. Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave play the leads, with the latter winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Jason Robards would also win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as novelist Dashiell Hammett.

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April 2, 2010


these are all billions of years old

April 3, 2010


Actually, they’re only a few thousand years old. But be sure to read our upcoming article “The Best Chick Flicks of the Paleolithic Era.”


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