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Monday, November 15, 2010 at 5:57 pm

When you purchase 10 Years of Rialto Pictures from Amazon, you’ll quickly see why the prestigious Criterion Collection was inspired to release such a box set. Featuring ten masterpieces that have been criminally overlooked by the general public, a number of the films in this collection weren’t even released in the United States until recent years. A 10-disc collection running 1048 minutes, 10 Years of Rialto Pictures is the perfect gift for yourself or any cinephiles in your life.

And if you order from Amazon, you’ll save almost $20 off the list price. You’re not going to find this item at your local Wal-Mart, so stop wasting time and head on over to the Internet’s leading retailer of books, movies, and music.

Rialto Pictures

In case you’ve never heard of Rialto Pictures, allow me to provide a little background. Founded in 1997 by Bruce Goldstein, Rialto Pictures is a film distributor dedicated to bringing critically-acclaimed motion pictures to as large an audience as possible. Known as the “gold standard of reissue distributors,” Rialto has released everything from the original Japanese version of Godzilla to the first U.S. release of Jean-Luc Godard’s Made in U.S.A. These Rialto releases have enjoyed massive popularity with critics and consumers alike, and whole generations have either discovered or rediscovered a number of cinematic masterpieces.

Rialto Pictures celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2007, and the event was marked by a number of honors and tributes. Not to be outdone, The Criterion Collection decided to get in on the action by releasing 10 Years of Rialto Pictures, a look back at some of the best pictures distributed by the company over the previous decade. Which brings us to…

Rialto Pictures Box Set – The Movies

As promised, here’s the complete list of the 10 films included in the Rialto Pictures box set. Buy it, watch it, and find out why a representative from the Museum of Modern Art in New York was quoted as saying “Over the past ten years, Rialto Pictures has enriched American film culture by both reviving a significant number of classic films not seen in theaters since their original runs and premiering extraordinary films never before distributed in America.”

If you’re a fan of French films or otherwise lesser-known works of art, be sure to get your hands on 10 Years of Rialto Pictures. Amazon has the product in stock, which is something most local retailers can’t say. You’ll also save money off the standard list price, and the small commission we receive will help us to highlight more quality box sets in the future.

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