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Saturday, February 20, 2010 at 10:18 am

I like to laugh. In fact, sometimes I laugh so hard that stuff flies out my nose. I’ll admit that it can be pretty gross at times, but I mention this to set up my list of good comedy movies 2007. If you, too, enjoy the thought of bizarre fluids and lint flying from your nostrils, you’ll want to see the following films as soon as possible. They’re all available from Netflix, and the nice fellas over there even agreed to give us a little money for each customer we send their way.

Shrek the Third – When the king of Far Far Away dies, the ogre Shrek mounts an expedition to find a suitable heir. Unfortunately, the heir turns out to be a wimpy teen who’s constantly bullied. Meanwhile, that dastardly Prince Charming assembles all the fairy tale villains to overthrow the kingdom. Strangely, people seems to prefer this Mike Myers film over The Love Guru.

Ratatouille – A French rat named Remy dreams of becoming a chef in this entertaining Pixar production. Everybody lives happily ever after, and nobody seems to mind all the rat shit in their soup.

The Simpsons Movie – After 18 years on television, The Simpsons finally gets an animated movie. Homer accidentally pollutes the Springfield lake, and the head of the EPA (voiced by Albert Brooks) wants to use it as an excuse to destroy the town and construct a new Grand Canyon on the site. You have to love a film where Green Day gets killed by toxic waste.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story – Goofball John C. Reilly plays a rock and roll musician who cuts people in half with machetes, does every type of drug available, rubs elbows with The Beatles, and marries his 12-year-old cousin. And he’s still not as crazy as Phil Spector.

Juno – A smartass teen named Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) gets knocked up by a complete dork. After deciding to pass on an abortion, she meets a couple (Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman) who want to adopt her baby. Will she give up her child? Will she get together with the dork? Will Diablo Cody ever tire of writing unrealistic teen dialogue?

Hot Fuzz – Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is a good cop. So good, in fact, that he makes all his co-workers look like complete slackers. Transferred to a quite village, he soon uncovers a series of gruesome murders and teams with a local fattie (Nick Frost) to solve them. Plenty of senior citizens get to engage in gunfights, and that’s always a big plus for me (but, sadly, no nudity).

Blades of Glory – Will Farrell and the guy from Napoleon Dynamite star as skaters who get themselves banned from single’s competition. Their solution? Become a duo and enter the pair skating competition. Will Arnett and Amy Poehler are their villainous skating rivals, and plenty of real-life skaters make cameo appearances. Maybe we’ll finally learn the answer to the question, “What would Brian Boitano do?”

Knocked Up – Slacker (Seth Rogen) meets hot career woman (Katherine Heigl). They get drunk. They do the nasty. Eight weeks later, she gets a surprise. Director/producer/writer Judd Apatow deposits more money into the bank.

Balls of Fury – A ping pong prodigy retires after blowing a match and getting his father killed. Nineteen years later, he’s recruited by the FBI to infiltrate an illegal and deadly table tennis tournament. Taken to an isolated island, he spends the night with a sex slave named Gary, learns that the loser of each match is killed, and engages in a climatic struggle with an international criminal named Feng. Did I mention that Feng is played by Christopher Walken?

Superbad – Michael Cera and Jonah Hill are high school buddies who try to buy liquor for a party and end up getting into all sorts of shenanigans. Another monster hit from producer Judd Apatow, the film also stars Seth Rogen and Bill Hader as a hilarious pair of slacker cops. See this movie, otherwise you’ll miss the magic of McLovin.

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February 22, 2010

Music and Movie Treasures By Brenda

I usually love my humour a bit more subdued…but I absolutely LOVED Ratatouille.


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