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Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 4:23 pm

My scary movies list contains some personal favorites and even one that I didn’t care for at all. My goal is to expose you to a number of scary movies you might not have seen, so you can judge them for yourself.

1. The Red Shoes (2005) – This Korean horror film revolves around a cursed pair of pink dancing shoes. Anyone who sees them becomes cursed and meets a grisly fate. This film offers amputated feet, hunchbacks, and all manner of other Asian horror goodness.

2. Rosemary’s Baby (1968) – After she and her husband move into a new apartment building, things start to get weird for Rosemary Woodhouse. Before long, she dreams of being raped by a demon, and she can’t resist a craving for raw meat and chicken liver. Could it beeee…Satan? Atmospheric horror film from Roman Polanski, with Ruth Gordon getting an Oscar win for her role as the all-too-helpful neighbor.

3. The Signal (2008) – If you’re looking for new scary movies, you should definitely check out The Signal, an independent film divided into three parts (each with a different director). When every telecommunication device starts broadcasting the same mysterious signal, people quickly lose their minds and start killing one another. In the middle of the chaos, a husband, wife, and her lover all search for one another.

4. The Prophecy (1995) – This scary movie of the 90s features Christopher Walken as the Archangel Gabriel. Believe me, you haven’t lived until you’ve Walken in this role. He’s come to Earth to retrieve a specific evil soul, but he ends up being opposed by a cop (Elias Koteas) and a schoolteacher (Virginia Madsen). Even Lucifer puts in an appearance, and he’s memorably played by a then-unknown Viggo Mortensen. Add this one to your “must see” scary movies list.

5. Carrie (1976) – When it comes to scary movies of the 70s, nothing can surpass the sheer terror of Carrie. I saw this one as a kid, and it scared the absolute hell out of me. A few years later, I remember refusing to see A Coal Miner’s Daughter, because the sight of Sissy Spacek still freaked me out. In case you don’t know, the movie is based on a novel by Stephen King about a tormented high school girl who gains revenge by using her newfound powers of telekinesis.

6. Angel Heart (1987) – Before he went a little nuts, Mickey Rourke starred in this chilling film about black magic. He plays Harry Angel, a post-WWII private eye hired to track down a missing crooner known as Johnny Favorite. But there’s much more to the case than meets the eye, although one look at his employer (Robert De Niro with long hair and fingernails) should’ve told him that. Anytime I make a scary movies list, you can bet this one will show up, as it’s one of my personal favorites.

7. Audition (1999) – In this Japanese film, a lonely man looking for love crosses paths with the soft-spoken Asami. She’s completely insane, of course, but we don’t realize the extent of her madness until the film’s harrowing final scenes.

8. The Fog (1980) – John Carpenter directs this supernatural revenge film about a mysterious fog rolling into a seaside town. The shapes of people can be seen moving in the fog, and anyone caught in it has a nasty tendency to wind up dead. One of Carpenter’s many scary movies of the 80s.

9. Halloween II (2009) – One of the new scary movies currently in theaters, Halloween II was directed by Rob Zombie and continues the story of Michael Myers trying to kill his sister, Laurie Strode. I didn’t care for this one myself, but fans of contemporary horror should probably consider at least giving it a look.

10. An American Werewolf in London (1981) – Any talk of scary movies of the 80s should include this film, a prime example of how to navigate between horror and black comedy. When two American college students are attacked while backpacking across Europe, one is killed outright and the other (played by David Naughton) becomes a bloodthirsty werewolf. Great soundtrack and groundbreaking work with prosthetics.

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December 1, 2009


another good movie is the entity i think thats how you spell it…
its really scary i watched it last year and i still have nightmares on it!
its about this lady how’s boyfriend died and then he comes back from the dead but he’s invisable and he trys to kill her it does not sound that scary but trust me if you watch it you will wet your pants!

May 18, 2010

NiGoL Sweden Starcraft 2

lol totally bad list of scary movies! rofl

July 26, 2010


Halloween 2?cum on!im a fan of halloween series.but gotta tel u rob zombie fucked da hole series up!and were is texas chainsaw massacre?(1974)

February 2, 2011


rob zombie is god when it comes to halloween. another suggestion Drag Me To Hell.


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