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Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 7:31 pm

Welcome to Movies and the Masses, a weekly segment where we interview random people from across the World Wide Web. Our topic, as always, is cinema, and this week’s guest is Ellie Lee, a resident of New York City who describes herself as “short, loud” and possessing “huge feet.” She also loves dogs, pinkberry, and dissecting KPOP music.

If you’d like to know more about Ellie, you’ve got a number of options. First off, there’s her personal blog and her Twitter account. On top of that, you’ll want to check out AAtheory, an Ellie-created site dedicated to Asian-American entertainment news, and Seoulbeats, a Korean-American entertainment site. All of these sites are great fun to visit, and there’s no better way to learn more about this wonderful young woman.

Now let’s see what she’s got to say about movies….


Only Good Movies: What’s the first movie you remember seeing?
Ellie Lee: Beauty & the Beast.

OGM: If you only had a few hours to live and could do nothing but watch five movies, which films would you select?
EL: Beauty & The Beast. Little Mermaid. 101 Dalmations. Lion King. Aladdin. Listen, if I had only a few hours to live, I’d only want to watch movies that make me happier than eating a popsicle on a hot day. Disney movies made my childhood amazing.

OGM: What’s your favorite movie?
EL: Such a hard question. But if I had to choose, I’d say The Goonies.

OGM: What’s your least favorite movie?
EL: All those crap parody movies.


OGM: Do you subscribe to an online rental service like Netflix or Blockbuster Online? Why or why not?
EL: No, I do not. Why? I’m a poor college graduate.

OGM: In 50 years, which modern movies do you think will be viewed as classics?
EL: Anchorman, Batman: Dark Knight, and Twilight (not because it’s good but because it was a phenomenon).

OGM: If you see a movie based on a book, are you then more or less likley to read the book?
EL: Less likely.

OGM: Who’s your favorite celebrity?
EL: My favorite celebrity would be John Krasinski.

OGM: Is there any actor or actress whose movies you actively avoid?
EL: Anything Paul Walker makes, I’ve learned to avoid like the plague.

OGM: How do you feel about all the remakes of older and classic films?
EL: Never touch a classic, never.

OGM: Which actor or actress do you find most attractive?
EL: Kate Winslet is the definition of classy.


OGM: Do you read movie reviews? If so, which critics do you read most often, and why do you like them?
EL: All I do is go on Rotten Tomatoes. And if the percentage is over 50%, I’ll watch the film.

OGM: What type of people annoy you when going to a movie theater?
EL: The ones who are constantly talking. Not even whispering, just flat out talking. MAKES ME SO ANGRY, THAT I’M GETTING ANGRY NOW.

OGM: Do you consider movies to be works of art?
EL: Yes, absolutely!

OGM: What type of candy or drink do you consider essential to your movie watching experience?
EL: All I need are gummy bears and a diet coke.

Thanks again to Ellie Lee for her participation. If you’d like to read some other interviews from Movies and the Masses, then check these out:


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April 8, 2010

Frances Sothen

OK cool to see- useful comments are always sweet! See yas.


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