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Thursday, December 17, 2009 at 4:59 pm

Ravi Philemon is this week’s guest on Movies and the Masses, a weekly feature dedicated to the cinematic likes and dislikes of the general public. Ravi is the head of the lifestyle section of The Online Citizen, an Internet publication dedicated to telling the stories of Singapore and Singaporeans that aren’t being reported by the mainstream media. It’s worth your time to check it out, as Ravi and the other writers of The Online Citizen cover issues such as emission reduction, Singapore’s climate change policy, plus Tiger Woods and the mystical properties of red panties. You can also interact with Ravi and The Online Citizen by visiting their Facebook page.

Now that introductions are out of the way, let’s see what Ravi has to say for himself…

Only Good Movies: What’s the first movie you remember seeing?
Ravi Philemon: Salem’s Lot – It was the first movie I went to with my friend (without my parents). I was afraid to take the elevator alone after that.

OGM: If you only had a few hours to live and could do nothing but watch five movies, which films would you select?
RP: 1. The Clash of the Titans
2. Terminator 2
3. Big Trouble in Little China
4. Mad Max – Beyond Thunderdome
5. Total Recall

OGM: What’s your favorite movie?
RP: 300

OGM: What’s your least favorite movie?
RP: Drag Me to Hell

OGM: Do you subscribe to an online rental service like Netflix or Blockbuster Online? Why or why not?
RP: Unsubscribed from Netflix since April 2008 – moved to Singapore.

OGM: In 50 years, which modern movies do you think will be viewed as classics?
RP: Gladiator, 300, and Gran Torino.

OGM: If you see a movie based on a book, are you then more or less likely to read the book?
RP: Less likely.

OGM: Who’s your favorite celebrity?
RP: Arnold Schwarzenegger.

OGM: Is there any actor or actress whose movies you actively avoid?
RP: Steven Seagal.

OGM: How do you feel about all the remakes of older and classic films?
RP: It is good – they should be re-made.

OGM: Which actor or actress do you find most attractive?
RP: Nicole Kidman.

OGM: Do you read movie reviews? If so, which critics do you read most often, and why do you like them?
RP: Roger Ebert.

OGM: What type of people annoy you when going to a movie theater?
RP: Those that kick the back of my seat, those that chat on the cellphone.

OGM: Do you consider movies to be works of art?
RP: Yeah, of course!

OGM: What type of candy or drink do you consider essential to your movie watching experience?
RP: Nothing beats a hot-dog sandwich with Coke.

Thanks again to Ravi Philemon for taking part in Movies and the Masses. Join us again next week, when we’ll bring you another interview with John Q. Public. While you’re holding your breath for that exciting moment, why not read these interviews, as well:


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