The Elia Kazan Collection

Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 10:53 am

Lovers of classic cinema should be delighted to learn about the recent release of The Elia Kazan Collection box set. That’s because the late director was responsible for a string of iconic hits over his 39-year career, and he discovered then-unknowns such as Marlon Brandon, Julie Harris, Eva Marie Saint, James Dean, Karl Malden, and Warren Beatty. A 1999 recipient of the Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement, Kazan also won two Oscars for Best Director and three Tony Awards in the same category. Actors working under his direction received 21 Oscar nominations with nine wins, forever marking him as an “actor’s director.”

The Elia Kazan Collection is an 18-disc set featuring some of his greatest contributions to filmmaking history. While 10 of these films have been previously released in other collections, the other five are making their debut on DVD. The box set also includes a collector’s booklet and A Letter to Elia, a moving documentary tribute co-directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese.

While The Elia Kazan Collection can be purchased at a number of locations, you won’t find a lower price than with Amazon. In fact, you’ll save over $60 by ordering with Amazon. I guess it won’t matter if you’re a billionaire, but the rest of us could always afford to save a little cash. Amazon ships right to your door, and they have an impressive track record when it comes to customer service. We do get a small commission if you make the purchase via our links, but that money goes right back into this website.

Besides, if Elia Kazan hadn’t created The Actor’s Studio (yes, he did), we might have been deprived of the majesty of James Lipton.

The Elia Kazan Collection

Here’s what you’ll get in this wonderful collection:

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