2011 Oscar Winners

Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 11:01 pm

The 83rd Academy Awards ceremony just wrapped up, and we have all the 2011 Oscar winners listed below. Tinseltown’s biggest event of the year took place at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California, its home since 2002. James Franco and Anne Hathaway served as the hosts, and the evening was accompanied by all the expected glitz and glamour of the red carpet.

While The King’s Speech picked up four wins against 12 nominations, Inception gained an equal number of wins in the technical categories. The show itself was nothing to write home about, as the first-time hosts were used as little more than recognizable names to draw in younger viewers. And while Hathaway seemed game in a succession of stunning dresses, poor James Franco looked even more uncomfortable than a man considering self-amputation.

Before we get to the 2011 Oscar winners, here are a few more observations about the evening:

Feel free to add your own thoughts about the 2011 Oscar winners and losers in our comments section. Now just as I promised…

Best Picture

Comments: It was neck-and-neck between The King’s Speech and The Social Network, and I predicted the latter would pull off the win. I was wrong, of course. As my friend Randy pointed out, “Hollywood loves a period drama.”

Best Director

Comments: After getting passed over last year, I thought David Fincher had this one sewed up. Wrong again. Tom Hooper gets a major boost to his young film career, and he threw in a nice anecdote about his mother during his acceptance speech.

Best Actor

Comments: No surprise here. Firth threatened to start dancing, but avoided doing so as to not be labeled the next Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Best Actress

Comments: Another lock to win, Portman delivered a classy if somewhat long speech. It’s hard to believe that her debut role came all the way back in The Professional. Thank you, Luc Besson.

Best Supporting Actor

Comments: Bale referenced his famous tirade in a good-natured manner. His on-air plug of Dickey Ecklund’s website drew a few boos from the Oscar purists in the crowd.

Best Supporting Actress

Comments: She teared up, waved to the people in the balcony, and dropped an F-bomb that had to be edited out. One of the more unpredictable speeches of the night. Still, it’s always nice to see a character actress get her due.

Best Animated Feature Film

Best Documentary

Foreign Language Film

Comments: The third Danish film to win in this category.

Best Original Screenplay

Comments: He claimed to be the oldest person to ever win in this category. Had an impressive voice, which is even more impressive when you consider that he’s also overcome a stutter. Accepted the award on behalf of stutterers around the globe.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Best Documentary Short

Best Live Action Short

Comments: Luke Matheny showed off his crazy hair which reminded me of Howard Stern circa the 1980s.

Best Animated Short

Comments: Had the honor of being the first winners to receive the “get the hell off the stage” music.

Best Original Score

Comments: How odd to see Trent Reznor, the creator of Nine Inch Nails, wearing a tuxedo. I almost didn’t recognize him at first.

Best Original Song

Comments: Randy Newman’s second win against 20 nominations in the category. He delivered one of the funnier speeches of the evening, including a good-natured complaint about only four songs being nominated for the category.

Best Sound Editing

Best Sound Mixing

Comments: Recipient Lora Hirschberg was surprisingly hot.

Best Art Direction

Comments: Fitted the Oscar with a miniature Mad Hatter hat, and also cited the “wacky world of Tim Burton.”

Best Cinematography

Best Makeup

Comments: Rick Baker and his badass white hair win again in this category. His 12th nomination.

Best Costume Design

Comments: It’s unusual to see winners read straight from a piece of paper, but that’s exactly what Colleen Atwood did. Her nerves weren’t helped by the “hurry up” music, either.

Best Film Editing

Best Visual Effects

That wraps up our list of 2011 Oscar winners, but there’s plenty more cinematic goodness here at Only Good Movies. If you’re open to suggestions, go ahead and give the following award-related links a try:

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