Fox 75th Anniversary Collection – Fox Box Set

Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 9:15 am

The Fox 75th Anniversary Collection celebrates an impressive milestone in the history of this legendary Hollywood studio. Comprised of three volumes, this massive 76-disc Fox box set includes all their greatest motion pictures, from 1933 up until the present. That’s right, I said 76 discs. And thanks to the fine folks at Amazon, you can save $140 off the list price by ordering online.

Each volume of the Fox 75th Anniversary Collection covers 25 years in the history of the studio, and you’ll also receive a hardcover book filled with exclusive photos and fascinating memories. Forty-six of the films included are Oscar winners, and seven were recipients of Best Picture, the industry’s highest honor.

So whether you’re a fan of Paul Newman, Barbra Streisand, or Ben Stiller, jump online and order this Fox box set from Amazon. You’ll be amazed at their low prices, and your item will be delivered right to your door within a matter of days.

Fox 75th Anniversary Collection – Volume One: 1933-1960

Click here to order the Fox 75th Anniversary Collection from Amazon

Fox 75th Anniversary Collection Volume Two: 1961-1985

For a ton of classic Hollywood hits, click here to order this monstrous Fox box set

Fox 75th Anniversary Collection Volume Three: 1986-2010

If you’re a serious fan of cinema, click here to buy this Fox 75th Anniversary Collection from Amazon

This Fox box set will meet all your movie needs for months (or years) to come. Whether you’re revisiting old favorites or experiencing classic Fox films for the first time, you’re bound to enjoy the experience. Don’t forget that Amazon offers the lowest prices online, and you’ll save over $140 by placing an order at their site. We do get a small commission for sending you there, but all proceeds go right back into our site (and doesn’t cost you anything extra).

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