Hollywood Musicals Collection – Musical Box Set

Thursday, November 18, 2010 at 5:08 pm

Thanks to this Hollywood Musicals Collection from MGM and Fox, you can now enjoy over 70 years of lavish productions, expertly choreographed dance numbers, and memorable songs. Sixty-one discs come in this massive musical box set, for a total running time of 5584 minutes. Even better, those who choose to order from Amazon will save a whopping $50 off the list price.

This a rare collaboration between MGM and Fox, with both studios contributing the films that allowed them to rake in billions at the box office and dominate all the way up until the present. A few films are making their debut on DVD, and this musical box set includes numerous appearances by favorites such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Ethel Merman, Zero Mostel, and Marilyn Monroe.

If you’d like to purchase the mammoth Hollywood Musicals Collection without paying an arm and a leg, Amazon is your best option. They offer fast delivery, the lowest prices around, and excellent customer service after the sale. Just click on this link to get started.

Hollywood Musicals Collection

When you order the Hollywood Musicals Collection, you’ll receive the following DVDs (many of which are special or anniversary editions):

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This musical box set has everything a fan of the genre could want, including big stars and even bigger production numbers. Amazon offers the lowest prices you’ll find online, and the small commission we receive for sending you there will allow us to keep our doors open in the future. With Christmas just around the corner, why not give the gift of music to those you care about?

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