Steven Seagal’s Top 10 Movies

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 at 9:58 am

If you’ve ever had a debate with a buddy over Steven Seagal’s top 10 movies, this guest post from our pals at Big Pond Movies should help you settle it. Seagal has made a ton of films over the years, and some are light years ahead of others. In fact, a good rule of thumb for Steven Seagal movies is “the older it is, the better it is.” The action star has really packed on the pounds over the years, so more recent films feature less dynamic fightning and a lot more scowling from our hero. Anyway, here’s the article…

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Lord Steven: that’s what a lot of Hollywood figures call him. I’m speaking, of course, about Steven Seagal, the once-ponytailed actor who had a beautiful career as an action star from 1988 until 1995. Of course, just like other striving actors, Steven Seagal started out in a low-budget movie (Above the Law) that may have been the key to his success due to bone-crushing martial arts tricks and fast-paced gunfights.

He once said, “I am hoping that I can be known as a great writer and actor some day, rather than a sex symbol.” While many chuckled at the statement, and his status as an actor is still in question, nobody can deny his skills as an enduring action star. He’s also directed and produced, worked with numerous charities, and even released two critically-acclaimed albums of blues, jazz, and world music. Leave it to Steven Seagal to break down barriers just as he’s broken so many bones on the big screen.

Now let me tell you more about Steven Seagal’s top 10 movies, including a few lesser-known facts about his life and work:

#10. The Glimmer Man – Seagal plays a spiritual cop trying to solve a murder case. As he pursues the psychopath, he’s teamed up with a wisecracking cop played by Keenen Ivory Wayans. The movie ended well, and Seagal comes through unscathed (like most of his movies). It’s a bit unusual that Lord Steven is dealing a serial killer in this movie, because his usual villains tend to be drug lords. Then again, he recently took on zombies in a straight-to-DVD release, so you never know what to expect from him.

#9. Out for Justice – His partner was killed by a drug dealer who happened to be his childhood friend. Of course, he’ll go after the killer, but not before asking permission from his captain (played by Jerry Orbach). But one thing you should know about Seagal movies is that he can always get permission from his superiors to go after the bad guys, even if it tweaks the law. And in this movie, you will be able to witness Seagal’s obsession in martial arts, including his skill with a pool stick, a billiard ball wrapped in a towel, and an assortment of guns and bladed weapons. William Forsythe plays the crack-addled baddie.

#8. Exit Wounds – Orin Boyd (Seagal) is a cop assigned to Detroit’s 21st precinct, where he rules the streets with his toughness and attitude (often just to piss off his commanding officer). This Stevel Seagal film has one of the best casts, including rapper DMX, Jill Hennessy, Michael Jai White, Eva Mendes, and Anthony Anderson. If you’ve ever wanted to see Seagal fight and then team up with a rapper, this is your chance.

#7. Belly of the Beast – This is one of his top-budgeted movies. The entire movie was shot in Thailand and showcased Seagal’s hand-to-hand combat skills and aikido expertise. You’ll feel a rush of adrenaline watching him take down the thugs in the market. Actually, the action starts when his only daughter is kidnapped by Islamic fundamentalists known as Abu Karaf. While Seagal shows no emotion upon hearing the news, he wastes no time in heading to Thailand to rescue his daughter and gain a measure of revenge.

#6. Fire Down Below – In this movie, Steven Seagal played the role of an environmental protection agency officer, Jack Taggart, who’s investigating the reasons behind the Kentucky hill fire that threatens to turn the nearby region into a wasteland. Kris Kristofferson plays a slimy businessman who thinks nothing of exploiting the locals, Marg Helgenberger is the potential Appalachian love interest, and Harry Dean Stanton is a local who just needs a new front porch.

#5. On Deadly Ground – I’m not too sure why Steven Seagal wants to play as an environmentalist, but you have to give the man credit for sticking to his convictions. In this movie, he plays as Forrest Taft, environmental agent, who works for an oil company in Alaska. As always, the CEO of the company (Michael Caine) never cares about the environment, and he ends up being involved in conspiracy and murder. This upsets Taft to no end, and he goes looking for revenge. He also gets to take on a team of mercenaries led by R. Lee Ermey. And don’t miss the bizarre hand-slap game between Seagal and veteran film heavy Mike Starr. Entertaining, yet crazy as hell.

#4. Hard to Kill – Nobody can stop Mason Storm (Seagal) from avenging the death of his family. Honestly, most of his movies revolve around revenge; it could either be a family member or a friend he is avenging. Being in a coma for years, Storm would have to start from scratch in order to discover who attacked him and murdered his wife. But who can stop a black belt from killing all the people who get in his way? You can expect a lot of violence and broken bones in this movie, and Seagal stars with future wife Kelly LeBrock.

#3. Under Siege – A lot of people consider this the best Steven Seagal movie, and there’s no doubt that it’s the highest-grossing Seagal movie ever. Tommy Lee Jones is the main villain, and he looks to have a really good time playing the role, especially when he hijacks a battleship carrying nuclear warheads. There are a lot of lives at stake, and that badass-turned-cook Casey Ryback (Seagal). Gary Busey is the ship’s second-in-command who sells out the crew and kills the captain, but he’ll eventually have to face Ryback’s fists and feet. Tommy Lee and Seagal have a knife fight, and Erika Eleniak shows off her boobs.

#2. Above the Law – His very first Hollywood movie ever, made at the behest of former martial arts student and superagent Michael Ovitz. He plays Chicago cop Nico Toscani, and the lovely ladies in his life Sharon Stone (his wife) and Pam Grier (his partner). Although, nobody was expecting much from the film, Seagal delivered plenty of hard-hitting action and generated enough interest (and money) to continue his film career. Henry Silva plays a rogue CIA agent with a love of needles and special serums.

#1. Marked for Death – You might be asking why this movie is considered his best. Well, this one’s packed with amazing aikido moves and exhibits his knowledge of virtually all weapons. But aside from that, he did a great job in showing he can act when he sets his mind to it. He plays John Hatcher, a DEA burnout who returns home to rest and promptly gets involved with a gang war between the Columbians and the Jamaican Posse. This sets him on a collision course with the Jamaican’s mystical leader, Screwface, but Hatcher will get a little help from his shotgun-toting pal, Max (Keith David). Joanna Pacula and Danny Trejo also have small roles.

Most of his high quality movies do not deal much with romance and love-making, which mades him different from someone like Van Damme. It’s obvious, however, that he loves women. Maybe a little too much, in fact. At the age of 58, Steven Seagal is facing a lawsuit by Kayden Nguyen, who claimed that he made her a “sex toy” in his Louisiana home. But not only that, Kayden claims he had other girls in his home ready to satisfy his carnal desires on a whim. Well, don’t miss the updates about the lawsuit for Steven Seagal. Once again, Seagal said, “I am hoping that I can be known as a great writer and actor some day, rather than a sex symbol.”

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