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Tuesday, September 28, 2010 at 5:58 pm

If you’re a true fan of cinema, then you’re no doubt familiar with the Internet Movie Database, also known as the IMDb. It’s a massive resource devoted to film, television, and celebrities, and its content continues to grow even as you read this. Some sections can be contributed to by users, while the bulk of the individual content can only be altered by the IMDb staff. This creates an interesting synthesis of amateur and professional ideas, resulting in a rare experience when it comes to information on the entertainment industry.

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The following article details many of the features you can find on IMDb, although additional exploration on your part will turn up even more. Just be careful about popping onto the site during work hours, as it’s truly an addictive experience.


When you first type in, you’ll end up on the site’s home page. Here are the features that await you there:

IMDb Homepage Additional Content

But that’s not all of the goodness located on the IMDb homepage. At the top of the page are six sections with dropdown menus. Here’s what’s available in each section:






SEARCH BAR – Individual Pages for Film, TV, and Celebrities

This may be the best part of the Internet Movie Database. Type the name of any celebrity, television show, or movie into the search bar, and you’ll be taken to a unique page for that item. Let’s look at an example using one of my favorite movies Big Trouble in Little China.

Beneath the title of the film is a selection of photos from the movie, 29 to be exact. Next to that are videos, allowing the user to watch the movie trailer or various clips from the actual film. Then there’s the section called Overview, which provides the following sub-categories:


Next is the Cast section, providing a list of all the actors to appear in the film. I wonder whatever happened to co-star Dennis Dunn? Actually, I can click on his hyperlinked name and find out. The same goes for almost all the other cast members.




A section that answers frequently asked questions about the movie, such as the final fate of Jack Burton.


Read part of a user review, and click on the link to see additional reviews. As of this writing, Big Trouble in Little China has 263 reviews from IMDb users.


A place where IMDb users can discuss the subject of the specific page. In this case, topics range from “Things I’ve Learned from BTILC” to “Is This Deserving to Be Called the Greatest B-Film Ever?”.


If you enjoyed the film, IMDb also provides a list of other movies you might enjoy. In this case, it’s Willow, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, as well as a few others.


But that’s just scratching the surface. Down the left of the page, there are tons of additional links. Here are just a few of the features available:


Another popular feature of Internet Movie Database is the movie rankings. The largest option is the IMDb Top 250, which lists the 250 highest-rated movies of all time as voted on by users of the site. Other categories include:

And to top it all off, another feature allows visitors to the IMDb to search for the lowest-rated films of all times. I’m talking to you Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

There’s plenty more to be found on the Internet Movie Database, but I’ve droned on long enough. Almost all of what I’ve discussed above is free, and joining the subscription-based IMDbPro will open up a whole other world (complete with contact info for agents and publicists). If your business actually involves cinema, TV, or celebrities on some level, you’ll find IMDbPro to be an indispensable tool.

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