15 Awesome Resources for Screenwriters

Thursday, January 28, 2010 at 9:29 am

These 15 awesome resources for screenwriters should have you writing like David Mamet in no time. Even if you fall short of that lofty mark, there’s little doubt that you’ll improve as a writer and gain a bunch of new contacts in the industry. And if this list isn’t enough, you can always pop over and take a look at the wide selection of screenwriting books available from Amazon (which gives us a small commission).

Movie Bytes – Offers contests for screenwriters, plus news and contact information. Users can even post their scripts online and get feedback from their peers.

List of Books for Screenwriters – A massive list of books available for aspiring screenwriters. Some of the products include Selling Scripts to Hollywood, Secrets of Film Writing and Writing Treatments That Sell.

Done Deal – Dedicated to the business and craft of screenwriting, this site features news about screenplays in development, production company information and contact info for lawyers, agents and managers. Numerous contests are offered each month, and a free newsletter is also available.

BBC Writer’s Room – This is a great opportunity for screenwriters, as this site is affiliated with the BBC and promises to read every submission. Whether you’ve written material for film, radio or television, be sure to send it to them. What have you got to lose? There’s also a blog and newsletter to enjoy.

Screenwriting.info – Screenwriting elements such as plot, pacing and character names are discussed, as well as a whole lot more. You’ll also receive frequent recommendations on screenwriter software and books.

E-script – An online workshop for anyone who’s ever dreamed of writing and selling a script. Numerous books on the craft of screenwriting are provided, as well as information on screenwriting workshops and e-courses.

Complication Ensue: The Crafty TV and Screenwriting Blog – A working screenwriter talks about writing for film and television. Around since 2004, this blog is frequently updated with all kinds of useful tips and techniques. The site’s author is also available for screenplay techniques.

Scriptwriters Network – Founded offline in 1986, the Scriptwriters Network helps members learn the realities of the business, encourages quality writing, and allows industry professionals to network and make valuable contacts.

Our Pitch Sessions to Star Trek – A screenwriter submits his scripts to the makers of Star Trek. These interesting anecdotes should both inform and amuse anyone involved in the craft.

Drew’s Script-O-Rama – If you want to see how the pros do it, you’ll need to look at some pre-existing scripts. This site has plenty of them, from first drafts to the finished product. Best of all, they’re all available free of charge. There are a lot of annoying pop-ups, though, so consider yourself warned.

Google Screenwriting Directory – Google is the leading search engine on the planet, so it’s only natural that their directory would be jam-packed with screenwriting goodness.

Story Notes Newsletter – A free e-newsletter dedicated to the craft of screenwriting. Articles are designed to appeal to both advanced students of screenwriting and those just getting started.

Comedy Screenplays – A resource dedicated to writers of comedic screenplays for film and television. In December of 2009, for example, there were 450 posts, which should give you an idea of the site’s robust content.

The Hollywood Reporter – If you want to stay abreast of industry news, The Hollywood Reporter is a great place to start.

Script Magazine – This monthly magazine can also be partially viewed online. Loads of great content, including interviews, analysis, tips and the latest news from Hollywood. They offer a newsletter, and you can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

I know that satisfies my promised list of 15, but I’m going to throw in an extra one at no added charge. It’s called How to Write a Screenplay, and this informative article will walk you through all of the steps needed to turn Hollywood on its ear.

Now that you’ve been informed about these 15 awesome resources for screenwriters, you’ve got no excuse for not writing the next Citizen Kane. So what are you waiting for?

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February 2, 2010

Ballard Andy White

I’ve been thinking about writing a screenplay in the comments section of this site.

February 3, 2010


Go for it!


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