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Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 9:36 pm

If you’ve got a child or two running around the house, then you’ll no doubt be interested in Halloween costumes for kids come October. Since Only Good Movies focuses on issues related to cinema, I’ve decided to help out all our readers/beleaguered parents by putting together this list of kids movie costumes. Inspired by the latest and most popular movies and TV shows, buying one of these outfits will ensure that your toddler, tween, or teen will stay on top of the latest Halloween fashions.

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All the Halloween costumes for kids on this list can be purchased from Buy Costumes.com, a reputable online company that’s been in business for years. My sister buys all her costumes there, and she’s never had a complaint. And if you can’t trust the word of a housewife you’ve never met, then who can you trust?

Batman Brave and Bold – What little boy wouldn’t want to get all muscled up and prowl the rooftops of Gotham City at night? This classic costume of the Caped Crusader is taken from the animated series (now available on DVD), and it comes complete with cape, belt, jumpsuit, and headpiece. You’ll need to supply the shoes, but otherwise your youngster will be ready to fight crime in style.

Iron Man 2 (2010) Movie – Mark VI Light-Up Costume – Hopefully, your child will not run into Mickey Rourke in a dark alley on Halloween night. If they do, they’ll be prepared for combat with this nifty Iron Man2.0 costume that features a glowing arc reactor in the chest (yes, batteries are included). The picture above depicts the little Iron Man wearing red socks, but I’d recommend going with something else. After all, you never saw Iron Man get sidelined by a small rock or piece of glass to the foot. Ambitious trick-or-treaters can also purchase gloves that fill in for gauntlets, and (my favorite) Tony Stark facial hair.

Super Mario Deluxe Princess Peach – Complete with dress, crown, and gloves, this Princess Peach Halloween costume will transform your little girl into a member of royalty in no time. Just keep an eye on her, as young royals have been known to overthrow their parents and lock them in high towers for years (or just have them beheaded). Wig not included. If you know a boy of similar age who’s going as Mario, then you’ve got yourself an instant complement. After all, candy is always better when you have someone to share it with.

Toy Story – Buzz Lightyear – To infinity and beyond! That’s the battle cry of Buzz Lightyear, the lovable computer-generated creation from Pixar’s Toy Story franchise. Now your tyke can emulate the valiant space ranger in this jumpsuit (with attached hood). For a few extra bucks, you can also get an astronaut helmet to complete the ensemble. If your child happens to have a pal who’s going as Woody, make sure you’ve got plenty of film for your camera (or a fully-charged battery for those who’ve advanced to the digital age).

Avatar Neytiri – The movie version of Neytiri was considerably taller, plus she was created by all those computer geeks that James Cameron has chained up in his basement. Still, that’s no reason for your daughter to miss out on the fun this Halloween. This kids movie costume comes with a blue-skinned jumpsuit, apron, and jewelry, but shoes and hair beads will need to be purchased separately. If your daughter is feeling especially fierce, Buy Costumes.com also offers a Navi spear, just like those seen in Avatar.

Clash of The Titans Deluxe Perseus – The next time Liam Neeson shows up in your neighborhood and bellows “Release the Kraken!”, your child will be ready to spring into action. This deluxe costume comes with molded chest piece, tunic, shin guards, and gauntlets. Shoes and a sword will need to be purchased separately. Mothers, I urge you to spend a few extra dollars and buy your boy a sword to go with the costume. Even pre-teen males need to feel like badasses from time to time.

Peanuts Snoopy – Suitable for both boys and girls, this unmistakable classic comes with a jumpsuit, hood (with red collar and black ears), and white foot covers. As a child, I slept with a Snoopy doll, so this one is near and dear to my heart. Buy it for your kid and help them build some special memories of their own.

Iron Man 2 (2010) Movie – War Machine – If you prefer Don Cheadle over Robert Downey Jr., then you’ll want to pick up this cool Halloween costume. Depicting the dangerous War Machine, anyone wearing it is guaranteed to fantasize about blowing the hell out of things (most likely starting with the family dog or most annoying sibling). Gloves aren’t included, but they can also be purchased from Buy Costumes.com.

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland – Alice Deluxe – Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland made over one billion dollars at the box office, and your girl will feel like a million bucks when it comes time to go trick-or-treating. The animated version of Alice is embroidered right on the front, and the costume comes with dress, petticoat, and headband. The shoes and stockings are a must to complete the outfit. Luckily you can buy them at the same website.

Tink and the Fairy Rescue – Tinkerbell – Kids have adored Tinkerbell for decades, and this Halloween costume is just the latest example. Combining a layered petal skirt with detachable fairy wings, your daughter will be the most adorable child on the block come October 31st. The pink slippers are sold separately, and a Tinkerbell wig is also available to add to the overall effect.

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I hope this list of Halloween costumes for kids has given you some new ideas, as I’d hate to think that children across America will be forced to once again beg for candy while wearing a Jack Sparrow outfit. Remember, you can meet all your kid’s movie costume needs by shopping at Buy Costumes.com. Yes, we do get a small commission if you make a purchase, but any money we make goes right back into our website.

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