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Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 12:15 am

While Beyonce Knowles movies are beginning to gain in popularity, this talented young Texan is first and foremost a singer. In the following post, we’ll be looking at her work in film and on motion picture soundtracks, as well as her musical success as a solo artist and with Destiny’s Child. If you’re a fan of Beyonce, this article should be right up your alley. If you’re not, you may very well change your mind by the time we’re done.

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Before we look at the music of movies of Beyonce Knowles, let’s pause for a moment to review a few interesting facts about the chart-topping superstar:

Albums by Destiny’s Child

Before she went solo, Beyonce sang alongside Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams as part of Destiny’s Child. The group enjoyed massive success, selling over 40 million albums around the globe. Here’s a look at their studio albums, and I’ve included an Amazon link to select items. One click, and you’ll be ready to add the CD to your shopping cart.

Albums by Beyonce Knowles

The following are the solo albums released by Beyonce Knowles as of this writing. She continues to ride a massive wave of success, and there’s little doubt that her next musical effort will debut at the top spot on the Billboard charts. As before, clicking on the provided links will take you to the item’s Amazon page (where you can then purchase it).

Beyonce Knowles Movies

If you’re looking for some Beyonce Knowles movies, then you’ve come to the right place. All of her feature films are listed below.

Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) – In order to stop the mad–yet somewhat comical–schemes of Dr. Evil and Goldmember, British spy Austin Powers (Mike Myers) must travel back in time to 1975. There, he teams up with Foxxy Cleopatra (Beyonce), a former lover and FBI agent. Together, they face Fat Bastard, Mini-Me, and a pair of sharks with lasers on their heads.

The Fighting Temptations (2003) – An ad exec (Cuba Gooding Jr.) with a habit of lying tries to get a church choir together so they can perform in a gospel competition. Along the way he meets Lilly (Beyonce), a girl he had a crush on as a boy. She’s all grown up now, working as a lounge singer and raising her young son alone. Care to guess where all this is headed?

Fade to Black (2004) – Beyonce plays herself in the documentary about future husband Jay-Z and his supposed “retirement” concert at Madison Square Garden.

The Pink Panther (2006) – Bumbling French detective Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin) is assigned to find out who killed a French soccer coach and stole a legendary diamond known as “The Pink Panther.” Beyonce co-stars as Xania, a successful American entertainer who dated the dead man and remains a prime suspect.

Dreamgirls (2006) – Based loosely on some of the real-life events of Motown’s history, this musical follows the career of a girl group known as The Dreams. Beyonce received a Gold Globe nomination for her role as Deena Jones, a character based on Diana Ross.

Cadillac Records (2008) – Telling the story of Chess Records from the 1940s to the 1960s, the film stars Adrien Brody as co-founder Leonard Chess. Beyonce co-stars as four-time Grammy winner, and R&B legend, Etta James.

Obsessed (2009) – When a crazy white woman (Ali Larter) tries to steal her man, Sharon Charles (Beyonce) is forced to fight to save her family. The catfight between the two beauties is reason enough to see the film.

Beyonce Knowles Soundtracks

In addition to her solo albums and work with Destiny’s Child, Beyonce’s music has also been featured on a number of movie soundtracks. Here’s a complete list (as of this writing):

That wraps up our look at Beyonce Knowles movies and Beyonce Knowles soundtracks. To check out the former, be sure to become a member of Netflix. We do get a small commission if you join, but it adds nothing to your final cost.

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You go, girl! Beyonce has way 2 much sass to ever quit.

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Hello. Is this Beyonce in disguise?

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gilynn valmores

go beyonce you are a famous diva


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